Consistent. Perfect. Functional.
Audio systems can only achieve their full potential sound quality if the accessories - i.e. optional supplementary equipment such as phono modules, audio leads, speaker cables, mains cables and distribution panels - are at the same high level as the other components. That’s why T+A has developed a broad range of accessories which are perfectly matched to the exacting standards of our devices and loudspeakers.

Mains distribution panels

Anyone who really desires the perfect solution to mains interference in a high-quality audio system should consider the use of a high-end mains distribution panel such as our Power Bar. This provides the central filtering and protective measures required for the completely Hi-Fi system, and effectively prevents mutual interference between the system’s individual components as well as preventing mains-borne interference reaching the system from the mains socket. There are separate sockets for analogue, digitally controlled and fully digital devices. All Power Bars are equipped with a polarity indicator for correctly connecting the unit to the mains socket. An integral excess voltage guard serves to dissipate voltage peaks, and prevents them reaching the devices connected to the panel.


The requirements on high-quality audio cables are fundamentally different from those on loudspeaker cables. The signals they carry are in the Millivolt region, and the currents that flow are relatively low. Loudspeaker cables have the demanding task of carrying high-power signals over relatively large distances from the output stages to the speakers without discoloration or deterioration of the original signal while mains leads have to eliminate electro-magnetic smog and all interference factors caused by the mains wiring system. That is why we have developed special cable systems that perfectly fulfil all demands.

Remote control sets

The majority of T+A systems can be remotely controlled via the appropriate model of Multi Media Player of the series. However, a few amplifiers like Power Plant and PA 1000 E do not feature an integral infra-red receiver, and for stand-alone operation these units can be equipped with a remote control set consisting of remote control handset and infra-red receiver.
For discontinued series (R-12xx und V-) there are special sets available.