The E-Series

The E-series was first developed and produced in 2007 as a product line with features that were revolutionary at the time, such as network streaming capability. In addition to the classic music sources CD and tuner, the players thus gained access to the streaming offer from the Internet for the first time. Despite all the further developments, the E-Series has always remained a classic stereo system at its core, which also provides access to all modern music sources in excellent quality. In 2016, the E-Series was completely redeveloped and equipped with the latest technologies.

Design Philosophy

The E-1000 series consists of two units whose technologies are based on our high-end R series. In their conception, each has been designed to meet two different sets of requirements: The Music Receiver R 1000 E combines a multitude of sources with the sound quality of an audiophile amplifier. The R 1000 E is operated using the infrared system remote control, or via the T+A MusicNavigator App.

The PA 1100 E integrated amplifier completes the E Series. In addition to being designed as an audiophile amplifier, its digital inputs and digital board also allow direct connection of a variety of digital sources. An additional USB-B input enables playback of very high-resolution files from a PC, while music playback from mobile devices is ensured through best Bluetooth APT-X quality. An optionally available HDMI input board connects the PA 1100 E to TVs. All E devices are controllable via IP and can thus be perfectly integrated into modern smart home media controls.

Technical Highlights

PA 1100 E

Integrated Amplifier with DAC

Nominal output per channel
into 4 Ohms 2 x 250 Watts
into 8 Ohms 2 x 140 Watts
Analogue inputs
1 x balanced (XLR)
5 x high level (RCA)
Digital inputs
SP/DIF, TOSLINK,(24/192)
USB-B (PCM 384/DSD 256)
Bluetooth streaming APT-X
HDMI optional (PCM 384, DSD 64)
PRE Out, REC Out, HQ Headphones
Plug-in phono module (optional)
for MM or MC

R 1000 E

Multi Source Receiver

Nominal output per channel
into 4 Ohms 2 x 180 Watts
into 8 Ohms 2 x 115 Watts
CD-; FM-, FM HD-, DAB+ Tuner; Bluetooth Streaming;
Digital Connecting Board; High Res Streaming Client with
Music Services Tidal, Deezer, qobuz;
Roon Ready
D/A – Converter
PCM: Double-Mono-Differential-Converter up to 32Bit/192 kHz
DSD: DSD 64 (3 MHz)
Analogue: 3 x high level (RCA)
Digital: 5 x SP/DIF, 2 x USB Mastermode, 1 x USB Device Mode (PC)
PRE Out, LINE Out, SUB Out, DIGITAL Out, HQ Headphones
Plug-in phono module (optional)
for MM or MC

MP 1000 E

Multi Source Player

PCM up to 32 Bit/384 kHz
DSD up to DSD 256 (12 MHz)
Total harmonic distortion
< 0,001 %
Channel separation
>106 dB
Internal sources
CD-transport, FM, FM-HD, DAB+, Internet Radio, High Res Streaming Client with music services Deezer, qobuz and Tidal, Bluetooth streaming
Digital: 5 x SP/DIF, 2 x USB Mastermode, 1 x USB Device Mode (PC)
Pre Out XLR + RCA (optional variable), Line Out, Digital Out, Head phone



Catalogue E Series
Catalogue PA 1100 E