Criterion S

The Criterion S Loudspeakers

Since the beginning of the 1980s, the name Criterion has meant a simple claim for us: proven concepts and exciting design forms should be united into something completely new. Building on our accumulated expertise in the field of transducers, the Criterion speakers continue the long tradition of the typical T+A sound, without sacrificing an independent DNA: The latest generation of our Multi-Resonator Transmission Line maximizes the bass strength of each Criterion speaker without compromising precision or control.

A new mid-high-frequency system consisting of two midrange drivers around a magnesium tweeter brings the sound focusing system of our reference Solitaire speaker series into a new price range. Like all T+A speakers, the Criterion series is equipped with high-performance drivers and the T+A StarStabalizer embossing, which consistently prevents membrane breakages. All Criterion S speakers are characterized by audiophile resolution, analytics, and fine dynamics, without sacrificing musical enjoyment.

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Speakers face a dilemma: the larger they are, the larger their internal volume, which can allow for higher-quality bass reproduction. For compact speakers, achieving comparable bass levels without consistent technological use is impossible. The Multi-Resonator Transmission Line system used in the Criterion speakers is precisely such a technology: resembling an organ pipe, it radiates very low frequencies with high sound pressure without sacrificing control or precision. The construction consisting of numerous struts provides the cabinet with enormous rigidity. This rigidity prevents harmful cabinet resonances and resulting structure-borne sound emissions before they can occur. Even perfectly radiated sound from the speaker can lead to a negative listening experience if reflections from ceilings, floors, and sidewalls trigger interference and time delays. Therefore, our Criterion speakers are equipped with the groundbreaking Symmetric Directivity Technology, enabling them to effectively reduce these influences.

The membranes of the midrange and woofer drivers are made from a special membrane material, whose highly dampening base material is stiffened with amorphous wood fibers. Therefore, they are exceptionally rigid and lightweight. This not only achieves a very linear frequency response but also the best dynamics and transient response, as required in conjunction with the extremely fast new magnesium tweeter. The optimal distribution of music signals to the speaker drivers is achieved through highly complex, double-sided Fast Signal Response three-way crossovers (FSR). These exceptional crossovers play a significant role in the outstanding imaging and radiation characteristics of the entire system.

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Technical Highlights

Criterion S 230

Transmissionline floor-standing speaker

Nominal power rating

200 Watts

Frequency range

29 – 45000 Hz

Drive units bass

2 x 170 mm

Drive units mid range

2 x 150 mm

Drive unit high range

1 x 25 mm


Organic baffle

Components of the Criterion Series



Catalogue Criterion S