Pulsar R 21 Bookshelf Speaker

The all new R 21 bring the quality and performance of our ST 21 to a bookshelf speaker. By reeingenering the moving parts and membranes, our engineering team managed make full use of the Two Way System which makes the bass performance even crisper and more impressive.

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R 1000 E - White Edition

Our bestselling Receiver is now available in a special white lacquered finish. We only build the R 1000 E White Edition from December 2020 to April 2021. The all new R 1000 E is a truly remarkable new product. By applying the trend of a capsule collection,

Golden Ear Award 2020 for our SDV 3100 HV and PDT 3100 HV in the United States of America

The Absolute Sound is one of the most important magazines in our industry in the USA. All the more reason for us to be delighted with the Golden Ear Award 2019 for our SDV 3100 HV and PDT 3100 HV.
Conclusion: Beautifully built and a joy to use.

T+A presents new headphones series

The Solitaire P represents the first step in an all-embracing headphone series on the part of T+A, and is accompanied by the Solitaire HA 200. Like the Solitaire series of loudspeakers the new Solitaire P symbolises the experience, expertise and commitment in the design and development of sound transducers which has been the hallmark of the Herford-based company for 41 years. The HA 200 is a completely new developed headphone amplifier which sets new standards in terms of technology and appearance. The HA 200 is based on analogue T+A HV technology.

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Editor´s Choice 2020 The Absolute Sound for no fewer than 5 T+A products

In the March issue of The Absolute Sound, one of the most important hi-fi magazines in the USA, the Editor’s Choice Awards are announced. No fewer than five T+A products have been honoured with this popular award. The Absolute Sound recommends the PDT 3100 HV and the SDV 3100 HV from the HV series. From the R-series these are the MP 2000 R and PA 2500 R and last but not least the Talis S 300. A wonderful award, which we were very pleased about.

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Best Value Award 2020 in Taiwan für Criterion S 2200 CTL

Audio Art magazine in Taiwan has awarded our Criterion S 2200 CTL the Best Value Award 2020. An award that we are very pleased and proud of.