T+A Christmas Holiday 2021

From December 24 to January 1, 2022 we will go on Christmas holiday, our company will be closed during this time. From January 3, 2022 we are back as usual for you.

Product Of The Year Award for Caruso in the USA

One of the most important hi-fi magazines in the USA has chosen the products of the year 2021. Our Caruso has been awarded the Product Of The Year Award by The Absolute Sound. We are very proud of this award and are very happy about them.

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The new Series 200

Back in the 1990s our M-Series was well known for astonishing performance from compact devices, and this still holds true today for the new Series 200. The new Series 200 includes the MP 200 multi source player, the DAC 200 D/A converter-preamp, the A 200 high-performance power amplifier and the HA 200 headphone amplifier and we hope that the new Series 200 will inspire you as much as it has us.

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EISA Award 2021 for Solitaire P-SE

With its bespoke in-house transducer TPM 2500 and a mix of new materials, our Solitaire P-SE is an unmistakable member of the Solitaire P family and yet still stands out as a device on its own. For this reason, it has now been awarded the prestigious EISA Award in the High-End Headphones category by 21 trade magazines from Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan and Hong Kong.
Our entire team is grateful for the recognition and proud of this award.

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Editor´s Choice 2021 of The Absolute Sound for 8 T+A products

In the March issue of The Absolute Sound, one of the most important hi-fi magazines in the USA, the Editor’s Choice Awards are announced. No fewer than eight T+A products have been honoured with this popular award. The Absolute Sound recommends the P 3100 HV,  PDT 3100 HV, the SDV 3100 HV and the M 40 from the HV series. From the R-series these are the MP 2000 R and PA 2500 R and in the speaker section the Talis S 300. Last but not least the headphones Solitaire P. A wonderful award, which we were very pleased about.

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Best Value Award 2020 in Taiwan für Criterion S 2200 CTL

Audio Art magazine in Taiwan has awarded our Criterion S 2200 CTL the Best Value Award 2020. An award that we are very pleased and proud of.