Power Three HD

This cable design is one of the finest feasible in terms of mechanical, electrical and material qualities. Each cable is also fitted with a sliding shield current blocking filter. The mains plugs and IEC power sockets employed are very robust, heavy-duty items. As an option we can supply the large C19 version of the socket which is approved for 16 Ampere.
  These are required, for example, for use with the high-performance output stages and mains power supplies featured by our HV series.

The use of Power Three HD cable results in a clear, open and vivid sound image, although the degree of sound enhancement does vary very greatly according to the actual level of contamination in the mains supply: the more pronounced the mains interference, the more significant the sound improvement produced by Power Three cable.

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Power Three HD is one of the finest and most complex mains leads on the market. The cable is 11 mm thick and is of extremely tight construction in order to prevent any trace of resonance or oscillation even when high currents are flowing. The hard outer jacket of anti-static PVC encloses a dense braid of PE monofilament which provides mechanical damping. Under this is another high-quality insulator enclosing the aluminium PET film shield with stranded shield wire, which is permanently laminated to a PP film. Inside the core there are three stranded cables, each with a cross-sectional area of 1.5 mm². Every one of these three conductors consists of a bundle of thirty firmly twisted strands of high-purity, oxygen-free copper, in turn encased in a high-quality PE insulator.


Power Three HD

Mains cable


29 mOhm


0,003 µS

Outer shell




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