Speaker Quad

Speaker Quad consists of four individual cables with a large total cross-sectional area, and features a very careful, sophisticated design aimed at frequency-neutral behaviour and a very good specification. Its internal construction, based on four independent conductors, permits several different types of connection; for example, the use of four banana plugs or spades for connecting loudspeakers with bi-wiring terminals. The high-end BFA banana plugs and spades terminals are manufactured from chrome-plated ultra-pure brass, and feature an insulating plastic grip.


Four groups of conductors, each consisting of 48 strands of high-purity oxygen-free copper, fitted onto a PUR core. The insulators consist of high-quality foamed and braided PE materials with outstanding dielectrical qualities. The robust external sleeve prevents cable vibration and features an anti-static treatment. The complex construction of this cable combined with the carefully selected materials endow this cable with very low inductivity, consistent parameters and very low resistance. These characteristics also ensure that it sounds superb: full in the bass, delicate and transparent in the mid / high-frequency range. It is also suitable for very long cable runs.


Speaker Quad

Loudspeaker cable

200 nH
190 pF
Cross-sectional area
4 x 2,5 qmm



Cable catalogue
Audio Duo and Speaker Quad


Stereoplay 11/2017

Stark und stabil
Das "Quad" im Namen steht für  die vier Leiterbahnen. Das Klangbild erlebt einen stattlichen Schub: Die Abbildung wird konkreter, ebenso die Basspräsenz. Tendenziell ist das Kabel analytisch, dabei dennoch warm.

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