Audio Quad

Where two devices are to be linked by an XLR connection, the basic requirement is for a cable with two signal conductors, one wire is in phase with respect to the source signal, the other wire is reversed in polarity, and at least one separate earth conductor. This principle makes it possible to cancel interference and noise by subtracting the two signals and also permits the use of very long cables. These are typically required for systems which utilise active speakers, or whose output stages are located immediately adjacent to the speaker cabinets. Audio Quad even features additional earth and control conductors.


Audio Quad is a completely new development, and has been designed specifically to cater for various types of ultra high-quality symmetrical connections in the professional arena. It features two wound internal conductors in the form of a twisted pair of ultra-pure oxygen-free copper enclosed in a PE foam insulator and a dense shield of OFC copper braid. This in turn is encased in a PE insulator for matching the wave impedance. Two OFC earth / control conductors with PE foam insulation are in close contact, and are enclosed first by a film shield and then a dense OFC braid shield. The result of this triple shielding design is a very high damping ratio. A dense damping braid of PE monofilaments is pressed into firm contact with the internal components by the outer sleeve, which contains an anti-static additive.
The result of this extremely refined development is twofold: superb measured data and interference-free transmission, combined with unique characteristics in terms of sound quality.


Audio Quad

XLR lead

110 Ohms
38 pF
Supplementary control conductor



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Stereoplay 11/2017

Stark und stabil
Die Kontaktstecker werden von Neutrik zugeliefert und sind superstabil. Ebenso das Klangbild. Hier stimmt die Abbildung, das ganz weite Panorama mit punktgenauer Platzierung.

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