AD 4.4 / 6.3

The AD 4.4 / 6.3 adapter cable is used to connect headphones with 6.3 mm jack plugs to the 4.4 mm Pentaconn output socket of a headphone amplifier. The approx. 25 cm long adapter cable is equipped with a symmetrically wired Pentaconn plug (manufactured by NDICS) on the amplifier side and has a high-quality 6.3 mm jack socket on the headphone side. As cable we use the balanced high-end cable of our Solitaire P headphones.


AD 4.4/6.3

Adapter from 4.4 mm pentacon plug to 6.3 mm jack socket

Measured values

3 m cable lengst


1,7 µH


440 pF


630 mOhms