Streaming CD Receiver

The Streaming CD Receiver

The CALA® CDR has a high-quality CD drive, powerful output stages and a high-performance power supply. More than 100 watts of continuous power are available per channel and also allow the operation of large speakers. The housing is very compact and the base of the CALA® CDR can be illuminated if desired, as we have integrated an LED light strip into the rear part of the unit's back panel. Various color modes and the colors white, blue, green and red are available for ambient lighting and their intensity can be controlled.

The machine’s high-performance digital signal processor makes it simple and convenient to set it up to suit individual system configurations. For example, it is possible to switch off inputs which are not required, and the sensitivity of one analogue input can be switched to act as a phono MM and High output MC preamplifier. For operation in a surround system the device features a Surround-Pass-Through Mode.
A further feature is a range of sound fields designed to achieve optimum sound quality under a variety of conditions and positions, catering also for relatively small loudspeakers. A bass management system regulates all settings if a subwoofer / satellite system is employed.

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Signal Processor

For the CALA® receivers T+A has developed an ingenious fully digital design principle which performs the entire signal processing in the digital domain. This provides a crucial improvement in sound quality, since it eliminates the need for the additional conversion of digital sources; all the data processing is carried out consistently in HD audio quality.
The CALA® is a versatile, fully featured receiver with a great performance, and this is only possible through the use of the latest technologies and components. All the audio signal processing is carried out by a high-performance digital signal processor which generates the sound fields for various set-up conditions and virtual surround, controls - where necessary - all the tone settings and cut-off frequencies for the primary loudspeakers and sub-woofer (bass management), processes and controls the output signals for the speaker channels, and converts the two analogue inputs into digital data, so that these can also be processed digitally.
The integral amplifiers are based on high-speed bridged switching output stages with high continuous power and current delivery capacity. Their output is sufficient even for large loudspeakers and spacious listening rooms. A mains section which is very stable under load makes ample energy available at all times. Naturally a sophisticated protective circuit monitors all the machine’s operating states.






Frequency response

2 Hz - 20 kHz / 100 dB



Streaming Client



Data rates

PCM 32...192 kHz,16/32 Bit; MP3 up to 320
kBit; constant and variable data rate


Gapless Playback for MP3 (Lame), WAV, FLAC
T+A MusicNavigator App for iOS and Android




Tidal, Deezer, qobuz, Roon Ready
(subscription required)


LAN: Fast Ethernet 10/100 Base-T,
WLAN: 802.11 b/g/n with WPS



A2DP Bluetooth audio protocol AVRCP control



2 x USB 2.0 Mastermode


Internet Radio

airable Internet Radio Service
(> 11000 Stations worldwide)


87,5 - 108 MHz;
Sensitivity 1 μV;
S/N > 65dBA


168 -240 MHz (Band III);
Sensitivity 2,0 μV,
S/N > 96 dBA.


RDS/RDBS, Station name (PS), Program type
(PTY), Radiotext (RT), Clock

Amplifier section


2 x Aux adjustable sensitivity. Phono and
Surround-Pass-Through Mode configurable.
SP/DIF: 2x coax (192kHz), 1x TOS-Link (96kHz)

Nominal output per channel

100 Watts into 4 Ohms

Total harmonic distortion

< 0,02 %

Sound management

DSP controlled sound characteristics /
Virtual Surround

Bass management

Full range, 40 Hz, 60 Hz, 100 Hz, 150 Hz


Pre-Amp, Subwoofer, Headphone
digital IEC 60958 (CDDA/LPCM)

Mains / Accessories / Dimensions


100 - 240 V, 50 - 60 Hz

Power consumption max.

200 Watts

Power consumption idle

13 Watts


0,5 Watt

Auto power off function

yes (after 90 minutes without audio signal)


IR-remote control FM1000; WLAN-antenna;
power cord, user manual

Dimensions (H x W x D)

10,5 x 37 x 24,5 cm /
4,1 x 14,9 x 8,6 inch


6 kg /
13,2 lb


Case: Alu silver 43 or Alu black 42,
Front: Acrylic black 91

Technical modifications reserved


Reference number



Catalogue CALA CDR

User manual

User manual CALA CDR
TIDAL registration information
Information on radio reception


MusicNavigator G2 App


Version info

Roon Ready

Update your CALA CDR to the latest firmware. Select the "Device Info" menu item in the device configuration menu. Now select "Update" and confirm the set selection "WEB". Wait until the update is finished. Make sure that your PC and your CALA CDR are connected to the same network. Next, sign up for a Roon membership and download Roon for your PC or MAC. You can also download the Roon app for Android or iOS devices.

Used licenses


For a period of three years after last distribution of this product or its firmware, T+A offer the right to any third party to obtain a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code on physical storage medium (DVD-ROM or USB stick) for a charge of 20€. To obtain such copy of the source code, please write to the following address including information about product model and firmware version: T+A elektroakustik, Planckstr. 9-11, 32052 Herford, Germany.


For a period of three years after the last sale of this product or its firmware, T + A offers any third party the right to receive a complete machine-readable copy of the corresponding source code on a physical storage medium (DVD-ROM or USB stick) for a fee of € 20 to obtain. In order to receive such a copy of the source code, please write to us, specifying the device type of the relevant product and the firmware version:T+A elektroakustik, Planckstr. 9 -11, 32052 Herford, Deutschland




Lite Magazin 6/2023

Die Lichtgestalt unter den All-in-one Systemen

Wer sich keiner Art der Musikwiedergabe entsagen möchte und dabei Wert auf ein stylisches Design legt, findet in der T+A Cala CDR das Gerät seiner Träume. Ihre tolle Optik und die gute Verarbeitungsqualität machen sie zur Zierde jedes Wohnzimmers. Dazu machen ihre Wireless-Fähigkeiten, das clevere DSP und verschiedene Beleuchtungen, eine besonders flexible Aufstellung möglich. Abgesehen vielleicht von einem HDMI-Anschluss ist die Cala CDR dann mit allen erdenklichen Anschlüssen und Wiedergabemöglichkeiten ausgestattet, während ihr Verstärker eine Vielzahl verschiedener Lautsprecher antreiben kann. Bei der Einrichtung und Bedienung muss man zwar mit ein paar Eigenheiten rechnen, doch wer sich einmal darauf eingestellt, hat schnell alles im Griff. Damit it die T+A Cala CDR ein tolles Audiosystem mit Lifestylefokus, das durchweg gute Performance bietet.

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Audio 5/2019

Cala Ad Astra
Früher – war die Welt nicht besser. Die All-in-One-Komponenten ka-men als raumfressende Monstren daher, ohne wirklichen Vorteil ge-genüber den Einzelkomponenten. Die T+A Cala CDR zeigt eine Ent-wicklung und gewaltige Vorteile: Der Signalfluss hat Stringenz, das Konzept ist schlüssig, klangstark und elegant bis in die feinste Ver-ästelung der Bedienung. Der Preis ist nicht klein, aber angesichts der Fülle der Optionen fast bescheiden.

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Hi-Fi World 5/2018

Colourful Cala
If you want a single box to do everything the T+A Cala may just be the right choice. A comprehensive range of inputs allied to a rich sound.
An excellent one-box-system. Flexible, good-sounding and able to handle a wide range of inputs.

Fidelity 3/2018

Gutes Aussehen und reichlich Funktionaliäten sind bei T+A nur die Kirschen auf der Audio-Sahne. Denn auch in einer weniger eleganten Version oder mit einem Bruchteil der Eingänge und Features wäre CALA CDR noch begehrenswert, denn klanglich steckt in diesem Alleskönner echte T+A-Qualität. Wer also "hervorragende Streaming-Server-Receiver-Verstärker-CD-Spieler" meint, darf ab sofort T+A CALA CDR sagen.

Den gesamten Test lesen... Den gesamten Test lesen...

Low Beats 1/2018

Komplettanlage neu definiert

Die CALA CDR ist T+As gelungene Neu-Interpretation der beliebten Musiktruhe aus den 1950er und -60er Jahren. Das originelle Design, die gute Verarbeitung Made in Germany, vor allem aber die umfassenden Anschluss- wie Einstellmöglichkeiten dieses Multi-Source-Streaming-CD-Receivers lassen das Pendel weit zu Gunsten der T+A CALA CDR ausschlagen.

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HiFi News 1/2018

Rich and impressive
This little package can pound out music without losing its details.
Compact, solidly put together and stylish – well, once you tame the
lightshow – this little system takes the qualities of past T+A Cala
models and ups the game with an excellent mix of performance and

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Stereo 11/2017

Toller Ton, tollers Bild
Ein klasse Allrounder, diese CALA: extrem vielseitig, kompakt und im edlen Outfit, klanglich ausgezeichnet -  und auf Wunsch sogar mit Beleuchtung.
Mit allen klassischen und neuzeitlichen Funktionen ausgestattetes Universalgerät mit tollem Klang, das auch den UKW und DAB+ Empfang nicht vernachlässigt.

stereoplay 10/2017

So geht kompakt

Unschlagbare Vielfalt trifft moderne Form bei diesem Multitalent-Receiver der einen ganzen HiFi-Turm ersetzt. Bedienung und der feinsinnig lebendige Klang werden viele Design-Käufer zu Highendern machen. So gehört die Cala + Pulsar R 20 Kombi mit Sicherheit zu den weltbesten Kompaktanlagen.

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