Support T+A MusicNavigator G2 iOS

The T+A MusicNavigator G2 is the modern command center for your T+A devices on iPhone and iPad. From FM radio to Bluetooth media playback, the T+A MusicNavigator G2 guides you intuitively through all available sources of your T+A devices. Whether you create a playlist for one of the available streaming services or personalize device settings, the T+A MusicNavigatorm G2 guides you safely through the multitude of possibilities that T+A devices offer you - comfortably and conveniently from the sofa, even without direct visual contact to your T+A device.

A list of compatible devices can be found below. A firmware update will be available in the coming months to enable T+A MusicNavigator to be used with other T+A devices with the new streaming client.

To control and operate your T+A device with the T+A MusicNavigator, you may need to update the firmware on your device. The App-compatible firmware is installed on your T+A device via a web update. You can find more detailed information about the firmware update in our support area for the corresponding devices.

Questions and suggestions regarding the T+A MusicNavigator App are welcome by E-Mail to the following address: app[at]

Download T+A MusicNavigator G2 for iOS

To download the T+A MusicNavigator app for iOS from the Apple App Store, search for the app under the name "T+A MusicNavigator G2". Alternatively, you can scan the displayed QR code with your iPhone or iPad. You will then be taken directly to the T+A MusicNavigator app and can install it immediately.


List of compatible devices

Compatible devices for T+A MusicNavigator G2 for iOS

• MP 3100 HV 
• SD 3100 HV
• SDV 3100 HV
• MP 2500 R 
• MP 2000 R MKII
• MP 1000 E
• R 1000 E
• MP 8
• MP 200


Using the App

T+A MusicNavigator Manual
T+A Tutorial - WLAN Setup via Access Point
T+A Tutorial - CD | SACD playback
Find Tutorial-Videos for the T+A MusicNavigator App on the T+A YouTube Channel: