Caruso S 10
Floor-standing loudspeaker

Caruso S 10
Floor-standing loudspeaker

The Caruso S 10

The S 10 is an extremely slim three-way floor-standing speaker, just 17cm wide and 93 cm high. This unique loudspeaker demonstrates the philosophy of the entire series: high-quality cabinets constructed from wood and aluminium, perfect craftsmanship and a distinctive design. It complements the Caruso R to perfection, and is intended for demanding music lovers who are looking for satisfying speakers for their living room. In spite of their slender shape these speakers can fill quite large rooms with music in an impressive manner, and provide natural, uncoloured reproduction of every type of music.


Three-way System

The S 10’s fastidiously implemented three-way system, sophisticated cabinet design and modern speaker technology deliver an open, uncoloured sound image with wide dynamic range and superb bass. The speaker exploits one of the characteristic strengths of three-way technology in exemplary form: it generates powerful bass without adversely affecting the mid-range. We achieved this by fine-tuning the parameters of the two high-performance bass drivers to match the slender cabinet, with the aim of generating deep, powerful bass at high volume. The vocal range is handled exclusively by the mid-range driver, which is designed specifically for this special requirement. The result is that the S 10 delivers an incredibly lively, natural sound image, free of distortion and coloration. The new treble dome unit is made of a special woven material; it is airy, fast, dynamic, and de-void of any trace of hardness or sharpness, and is responsible for the fine detail in the music.



Floor standing speaker

3-way, bass reflex

Power rating

Nominal power rating

120 Watts

Music power rating

180 Watts


4 Ohms


89 dB

Drive units

Drive units bass

2 x 152 mm

Drive units midrange

1 x 152 mm

Drive units highrange

1 x 25 mm

Crossover frequencies

200 / 2400 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D (Incl. terminal)

93 x 17 x 32 cm without base


18 kg


Case black, cover aluminium silver 43

Technical modifications reserved



Catalogue Caruso Loudspeakers

Connection and installation

Loudspeaker manual


Stereoplay 7/2021

Höchste Töne

Ein blitzsauberer Standlautsprecher, tendenziell auf Tempo getrimmt, schnell, hell. Zurückgenommen im Bass, fernab von jeder Show. Dabei sehr elegant und stressfrei.

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