Caruso R 10
Bookshelf loudspeaker

Caruso R 10
Bookshelf loudspeaker

The Caruso R 10

The R 10 is a very compact, beautifully constructed two-way bookshelf monitor which offers out-standing sound qualities. Although only 17cm wide and just 31 cm in height, the R 10 produces the sound experience of considerably larger loudspeakers. It is ideal for the smaller room and difficult situations, and harmonises perfectly with the Caruso R. Its spacious sound quality, natural reproduction and lively nature make it ideal for every kind of music.


The R 10 is a very carefully designed two-way loudspeaker offering all the inherent advantages of the type. Music reproduction is extremely spacious and natural, while positional accuracy is phenomenal. Despite its small size, the speaker’s bass response is excellent. The reason behind this is its newly developed bass / mid-range driver, which is ultra-linear in response, low in distortion, and still capable of very large excursions. This is achieved through the use of a new magnet system with optimised magnetic field geometry, special vibrating components and a modified cone construction. The frequency range and phase response of the woven dome tweeter unit are exactly matched to the transitional range, and this, in conjunction with the sound ducts for the bass / mid-range unit, produces outstanding radiation characteristics over the upper frequency range.



Bookshelf speaker
2-way, bass reflex

Power rating

Nominal power rating
80 Watts
Music power rating
120 Watts
4 Ohms
Frequency range
40 - 30000 Hz
85 dB

Drive units

Drive units bass
1 x 152 mm
Drive units highrange
1 x 25 mm
Crossover frequencies
2100 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D (Incl. terminal)
31 x 17 x 30 cm
7 kg
Case black, cover aluminiuim silver 43
Technical modifications reserved



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Connection and installation

Loudspeaker manual


Audio 8/2021

Magischer Quader

Das Audiosystem Caruso R und die Kompaktbox Caruso R 10 von T+A sind etwas für Feinschmecker.

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