HV Series - Science brought to life

HV Series - Science & High End

Introduced for the first time all the way back in 2013, our HV Series is a testament to both our convictions and our experience in audio equipment:
It is living proof that the application of theoretical principles of physics can truly enhance audio gear.

Featuring a bevy of unique technologies, ranging from galvanic separation to dedicated signal paths, the HV is made for music lovers by music lovers who aim to reproduce recordings the best way possible. Driven by our curiosity, we managed to create truly new ideas and technologies where conventional wisdom failed. 

Harnessing all that, the HV series goes further than anything else and delivers a sonic experience which has been thought impossible before.  


Combining the advantages of tubes and solid state systems was the basic idea at the outset of HV series development. 

Over years of research and development, this idea turned into an impressive line-up of products suiting every need and want. Ranging from multi source players, amplifiers to streaming DAC, transports and power amplifiers, the HV series delivers instruments for professional music lovers. 

Also, world deput technologies such as the first ever DAC capable of decoding true one bit DSD 1024, frequently make their entrance in the HV series.  

Design - timeless reduction

Just like all of our devices the HV series was designed in accordance with our design philosophy called "timeless reduction". Our design is a subtle nod to 30+ years of previous icons in our line-up. At the same time it allows for products to have a huge presence without being bulky. Although being two separate parts, the front plate transitions into the rest of the device incredibly smoothly. Cooling grills as well as look through glass plates indicate their potential even when the systems are turned off.


Details such as VU Meters celebrate every single watt of power as soon as the devices are fired up. Interacting with a T+A HV series is just as simple and timeless: Two elegant knobs with precise roller bearings and several touch sensitive buttons allow for smooth operation of the device, whilst the T+A Music Navigator for iOS and Android allows you to operate the entire system from the comfort of a mobile device.

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