Support T+A MusicNavigator G1 iOS

The T+A MusicNavigator G1 iOS serves as a replacement of our first app – T+A Control – and merges the functionality of T+A Control with the timeless look and feel of our most recent apps. The MusicNavigator G1 app supports a bevy of function such as FM radio control and Bluetooth Playback (subject to device capabilities), as well as control over all sources. From adjusting sources to your own preferences to editing playlists during UpNp playback, the T+A Music Navigator G1 guides you through the process from the comfort of your iOS device. Please note that the MusicNavigator G1 app requires the latest device firmware to be installed. Firmware can be updated using USB drives or a web update. Our support section is here to help you learn more about device firmware updates.

Your feedback is important to us. Please feel free to reach out via: app[@]

Download T+A MusicNavigator G1for iOS

To download the T+A MusicNavigator G 1 app for iOS from the Apple App Store, search for the app under the name "T+A MusicNavigator G1". Alternatively, you can scan the displayed QR code with your iPhone or iPad. You will then be taken directly to the TA Control app and can install it immediately.


List of compatible devices

Compatible devices for T+A MusicNavigator G1 App for iOS

- MP 3000 HV
- MP 2000 R
- MP 1250 R
- MP 1260 R
- K2M
- K2 Blu
- K8
- Music Receiver
- Music Player
- Music Player MKII
- Music Player Balanced
- Caruso
- Caruso Blu