Support TA Control MK2 Android

The new TA Control MK II app is the modern command center of your T+A devices on your Android smartphone and tablet. From FM radio to Bluetooth media playback, TA Control MK II intuitively guides you through all available sources of your T+A devices. Whether you are creating a playlist for one of the available streaming services or adjusting device settings, the TA Control MK II lets you take advantage of the wide range of options offered by T+A devices - all from the comfort and convenience of your sofa, even without direct visual contact to your T+A device. 

A list of compatible devices can be found below. In order to be able to operate further T+A devices with the TA Control MK II, a firmware update will be made available in the coming months. 

To be able to control and operate your T+A device with the TA Control MK II App, please perform a firmware update. This will ensure that your T+A device is up to date with the latest software and can communicate with the app.  The installation of the App-compatible firmware on your T+A device is done via web update. You can find more detailed information about the firmware update in our support area for the corresponding devices.

Download TA Control MK II for Android

To download the TA Control MK II-App for Android from the Google Play Store, search for the app under the name "TA Control". Alternatively, you can also scan the displayed QR code with your Android device. You will then be taken directly to TA Control MK II-App and can install it immediately.


List of compatible devices

Compatible devices for TA Control MK II App for Android

- MP 3000 HV
- MP 2000 R
- MP 1250 R
- MP 1260 R
- K2M
- K2 Blu
- K8
- Music Receiver
- Music Player
- Music Player MKII
- Music Player Balanced
- Caruso
- Caruso Blu


Download Application (App)

TA Control MK II App (apk)