Support Programmable Remote Controls

Of course, all T+A systems can be controlled using the Philips PRONTO family of programmable remote control handsets. T+A systems built in 2006 and later provide two command sets for this purpose: the RC and RCII command sets.

RC command set
The RC set includes all the commands of the T+A remote control handsets F2000, F1, F2, F6, F10, F11 and F12. It is very easy to emulate the original functions of the T+A remote control units using this command set.As is usual practice with remote control systems, the RC command set contains a range of what are known as "toggle commands" which alternately switch an individual function on and off, and particular function buttons whose function varies according to context and the current state of the device to be controlled. Toggle commands and context-sensitive commands present problems when the user wishes to operate equipment from an adjacent room, as - without being able to see the system - it may be difficult to tell whether a button-press has switched the corresponding function on or off. Complex operating functions and macros are also difficult to implement in this way.

RCII command set
The expanded RCII command set was implemented as of model year 2006, in order to eliminate problems with toggle buttons and context-sensitive function buttons. This command set contains considerably more commands, all of which always trigger a clearly defined action. This ensures that a single command definitely switches a particular function; for example: it always switches a particular loudspeaker output on, selects a particular source, or activates a special surround mode.

Support programmable remote controls

Code tables

T+A IR-telegrams
Code tables for T+A remote controls
RCII-code for HV-Series, R-Series 2000 and E-Series

NEVO Remote control

NEVO - Project


with all standard T+A remote control codes plus a lot of discrete codes plus codes of new F100 remote control

NEVO - Template


with all standard T+A remote control codes plus a lot of discrete codes plus codes of new F100 remote control

Pronto Remote control

Config file for T+A F6
Java tool for generation proton-codes

Java Tool

Download the ZIP-archive and uncompress to local pc. Then start the JAR-Programm.