Support MP 1250 R - Streaming Client

Since the machines of the T+A R-series incorporate modules which exploit innovative Flash technology, it is possible to update the machine's software without opening the case.
The current update package is available for this version of the machine. It offers the following new features:

T+A MP 1250 R  Version: P 1.61 (27/05/14)

New / improved functions (GEN) = General, (SCL) = Streaming Client:
- improved support for some radio stations (FFH)
- improved support for newer USB harddiscs

- direct IR controled source selection fixed

Important information regarding the update:
You can only carry out the update using a USB memory stick if the main processor firmware version is V1.4.0 or later. If your machine contains an earlier version of the firmware, we recommend that you send it in to us for an update.
For this reason you should always start by determining your machine's software version.
This is the procedure:
- If the machine is operating, please switch it off.
- Switch the machine on, and directly after doing so hold the v button on the front panel pressed in until the Software Update menu appears.
- The "Main" line now displays the software version of the control processor (Vx.x.x).
- You can now close the menu by pressing the Stop button.

Support MP 1250 R


Catalogue R-Series 1260

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User manual MP 1250 R

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