Here you will find questions and answers about T+A products.

FAQ's about our apps

The playback of a playlist stops and the T + A Navigator app was automatically closed

Due to the partially very restrictively implemented energy management of the Android operating system, apps are occasionally closed unnoticed. In this case, the necessary communication between the app and the streamer is interrupted and the playlist cannot be continued. Further information and suggested solutions can be found under the following link.


How can I create and send log files

Our iOS and Android apps are intensively tested in various network environments and on numerous end devices before they are released. Unfortunately, due to different hardware and different network topologies, deviations from the intended behavior of the app cannot be completely ruled out, the app has a log function that allows us to analyze the behavior of the app.

In this manual, we will explain how you can create a LOG file and send it to us:
Download Send_Log_File

Is there an app for my T+A device and if so, which app should I use?

The table below serves as an overview of all devices and their respective compatible apps. Each of these apps is designed to work hand-in-hand with your T+A device to make access as intuitive as possible while still reflecting the complete wealth of device features.
Overview of compatible devices

Playback of playlists with the app keeps interrupting

To play back playlists, there must be a permanent connection between the device and the app. Removing the tablet/cell phone from the WLAN or exiting the app will inevitably cause playback to be aborted later, provided it was started on the tablet/cell phone.

The operation of my device with the MusicNavigator app behaves unexpectedly or does not work at all.

1. Tritt der Fehler nach einem Neustart des netzwerkfähigen T+A Gerätes immer noch auf? Sofern die Energiesparfunktion nicht aktiviert ist, wird der Streamingclient aus Komfortgründen nur neu gestartet, wenn das Gerät mit dem Power Taster an der Gerätefront aus- und wieder eingeschaltet wird (bzw. im Fall der Cala CDR/SR mit einem langen Druck auf die Ein/Auschalttaste-Taste der Fernbedienung wieder eingeschaltet wird). Alternativ kann das Gerät auch für einige Minuten stromlos gemacht werden.

2. Tritt der Fehler nach einem Neustart der App auch weiterhin auf? Bitte beenden Sie die App vollständig (wie das geht hängt vom Betriebssystem Ihres Tablets/Handys ab).

3. In der Sektion „Hilfe und Support“ der App finden Sie den Punkt „Log-Funktion“. Mit dieser Funktion können Sie uns eine E-Mail, senden, die für uns notwendige Daten der App und des Gerätes enthält, um Probleme zu erkennen und zu beheben.
Falls die MusicNavigator App gar keine Geräte findet und somit auch der o.g. Weg zum Senden der Geräte-Logs nicht möglich ist, kann in solch einem Fall die E-Mail durch Tippen auf die unten rechts eigeblendete Versionsnummer erstellt werden.
! Bitte beschreiben Sie das Problem in der E-Mail möglichst genau, damit wir es einfacher lokalisieren und beheben können !

DAC 8 and MP 3000 HV

I have sound dropouts and interferences during playback from a MAC computer (MAC OS X <= 10.9)

Possible cause is that the driver required for USB HiSpeed mode is not installed or not installed correctly. It can also happen that an already installed driver does not work properly due to a security update of the MAC operating system.
If you haven't installed a driver yet, please refer to point 4.
If a driver is already installed, which does not work properly anymore, please proceed as follows:
1. Delete the installed driver by deleting the file' TplusAUSBAudio. kext'. The file is located on the hard disk (e. g.' Macintosh HD') under: System -> Library -> Extensions -> TplusAUSBAudio. kext
(Attention! There is also the path: Library -> Extensions....).
2. Disconnect the USB connection from the DAC8 / MP3000HV to the MAC.
3. turn off the computer

Installing the T+A driver
4. Start the computer.
5. Download the latest driver version DAC8 or MP 3000 HV from the T+A website.
6. Double-click on the file' TplusAUSBASY-273.4.1. pkg' and run the installation.
7. Restart the computer.
8. Connect the DAC8 / MP3000HV and turn it on.
9. Select the DAC8 / MP3000HV as the playback device.

The playback should now work correctly.

I have sound dropouts and interferences during playback from a MAC computer with MAC OS X 10.10

Since the "Yosemite" operating system (OS X 10.10), Apple no longer allows the use of unsigned third-party device drivers. It is therefore no longer possible to install the T+A device driver for the DAC 8 and MP 3000 HV. In order to continue using the DAC 8 and MP 3000 HV on an Apple computer, the signature query must be deactivated.

Instructions for deactivating

Devices with streaming client

Do I have to register for the vTuner service to use the internet radio function?

You do not need to register to the vTuner service to use the Internet Radio feature on your SCL device. Only if you want to use the extended Favorites Management via your PC or if you want to add stations that are not currently supported by vTuner, you have to register.

Is there a charge for the vTuner service?

The vTuner service is permanently free of charge for our end customers, the fees have already been paid by T+A.

How do I access audio files on my networked Windows computer?

You can access these audio files if your Windows computer has an UPNP/DLNA compatible server. For this purpose, you can use e. g. Windows Media Player version 11 or higher, if you configure it as UPNP server (see instructions on the Internet), or install another UPNP server (e. g. Twonky Media Server).

How do I access audio files on my network-attached MacBook or iMac?

You can access these audio files if your MacBook or iMac has an UPNP/DLNA compatible server. For this you can use e.g. the free software "MinimServer".
or to the paid software "iSedora Server".

Can I use my Music Player/Music Receiver/K2/K8/Caruso to play an audio CD with the built-in CD drive and save it as an audio file on a connected USB hard drive/stick?

Currently, none of our devices offers the possibility to convert audio CDs into audio files (ripping). You must do this with your computer or use a RIP NAS (network hard disk with integrated drive and RIP function).

Why can't I get my SCL device into the network/Internet via LAN connection?

Please check the following points:
After connecting the LAN cable, turn your SCL device off and on again.
If necessary, disconnect it from the mains supply once. Check that "DHCP" is set to ON in the SCL menu and "Proxy" is set to OFF (other settings should only be made by experienced users).
Avoid hubs and switches between the SCL device and the router if possible. Try a different LAN cable and a different LAN connection on the router. Deactivate any "power-saving" feature of your router for the LAN connection.

My SCL device connected via LAN cable cannot access the network/Internet until it is switched on for the 2nd or 3rd time and searches for a WLAN connection. What can I do?

Your router probably has a so-called "energy-saving function" for the LAN connections, which switches off the LAN connections when not in use. Therefore, the LAN port is not detected the first time the SCL device is turned on and is scanned for a WLAN connection. You should permanently activate the LAN port used for the SCL device in the router menu (for an AVM FritzBox, e. g. System/Energy Monitor/Setting/LAN? "permanently active").

I have problems connecting my SCL device to my network via WLAN. What can I do?

Check that the WLAN antenna is connected. If you use the antenna base with cable for the WLAN antenna, screw the WLAN antenna onto the base. Check that "DHCP" is set to ON in the SCL menu and "Proxy" is set to OFF (other settings should only be made by experienced users).
To integrate it into your WLAN network, proceed as follows: After starting the WLAN configuration, select "your" network. Enter your network password/network password/network key. Confirm with "OK" after the input. The password will now be replaced by asterisks. Move the cursor key down to "Save WLAN Config" and confirm with "OK". In the current menu, go down to "Save/Restart" and press "OK" for the third time. The SCL is now restarted.
If you still have the older, insecure encryption method "WEP", you must enter your network password as a hexadecimal format. You have to convert your password before. It is better to switch to secure WPA2 encryption.
If necessary, check in the menu of your router that new WLAN devices are allowed (MAC filter not active) and that they are allowed to communicate with each other. If your router (e. g. AVM FritzBox, Speedport) has a compatibility mode "WPA/WPA2" for WLAN security, you should choose only one encryption method (preferably "WPA2") and set this in the router menu. The "WPA/WPA2" mode may cause malfunctions.

What should be considered for USB sticks/USB hard disks to connect to my SCL device?

USB hard disks without their own power supply must not have a current consumption higher than 500mA, even at start-up. Do not use longer USB cables.
USB hard disks and sticks must be formatted with FAT16 or FAT 32 for operation with our SCL devices. Most USB hard disks and sticks available for purchase are already formatted with this file system at the factory. However, there are also disks that use the Microsoft NTFS (*) format. These disks must be reformatted to FAT32 to be used on the USB port of the SCL device.
Formatting FAT32 partitions is only possible up to a partition size of 32 GB from Windows XP onwards using Microsoft's on-board tools. However, this is not a fundamental limitation of the FAT32 file system. With other tools like Partition Magic or the FAT32 Formatter also larger, up to 2TB large partitions under FAT32 are possible.

Tools: http://www.ridgecrop.demon.co.uk/index.htm?fat32format.htm
(*) Since the NTFS specification is not published by Microsoft, the support for this file system for non-Windows systems is not or only very limited possible.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of different storage media for my audio files?

USB stick/USB hard disk (only if FAT/FAT32 formatted):
Advantages - relatively cheap, mobile, often already available
Disadvantages - relatively uncomfortable search function, no use of a UPNP control point (PlugPlayer, Songbook, etc.) via iPod Touch/iPad/Smartphone possible, must always be transported and moved to store other files.

Computer/PC (with active UPNP/DLNA server):
Advantages - already present, universally usable, UPNP control point usable.
Disadvantages - must always be switched on, therefore high power consumption. Usually high operating noise.

What is a UPNP control point?

A UPNP control point is usually a software or APP (e.g. PlugPlayer, Songbook lite, Skifta) for a smartphone/iPod-touch/iPad that allows you to assign audio files (e.g. on a network hard disk) provided via a UPNP/DLNA server to a playback device (renderer) so that it plays them back. Our SCL devices can serve as playback devices (renderers) for this purpose. The operation with these App's is very comfortable, since here usually also covers of the music are represented.

Can I perform a software update on my device?

For many of our SCL devices you will find a corresponding USB update on our homepage under Support "Hardware/Software", which you can download and unpack with Windows own or alternative packing programs (e.g. 7Zip, WinZip, WinRAR). In this you will find an update instruction corresponding to your device. Older MusicPlayers or MP1250 which were produced before the end of 2008 and have not yet received a software update (software version before V1.40) cannot be updated via USB, but only serially. You can get the necessary update packages from our electronics service. However, we recommend this update variant only to experienced users, otherwise it is rather advisable to send us the device.

I have performed a USB software update on my device, but now the new functions do not work, or the device reacts more sluggishly than before. What can I do?

Switch off your device and disconnect it completely from the power supply for a few minutes (pull out the power plug, or press the power switch on the back of the device). If this does not result in any change, run the USB update again, as not all parts of the update may have been successful. Perform a power disconnection again.

Are there T+A SCL devices that have an Internet update function (Webupdate)?

Currently our "Cala" and the "K2BLU" have the possibility of a webupdate. Make sure you have a proper internet connection for the webupdate.

FD 100

I can't see any cover art on the FD100

In order for the cover to work properly as an image on the FD100, certain prerequisites must be met depending on the location of the music:

In principle, however, this applies to all storage locations:
The image must be in *. jpg format and should not exceed 300kByte.

1.) Music files are stored on a storage medium connected via USB (memory stick, HDD, etc.):
The Streaming Client module is only able to extract image information that is contained in files in MP3 or MP4 format.
For this reason, an image display on the FD100 only takes place for music files that are stored in MP3 or MP4 format and for which the image is embedded in the file (Embeded Cover Art).

2.) Music files are stored on a UPnP-AV network storage device (NAS):
In the case of music files that are saved in MP3/MP4 format and contain an image, the images are always displayed (provided that the image data is transferred from the server to the streaming client without any format change).
In addition, most servers are also able to transmit the image information via UPnP independent of the music and thus make it possible to display the image in other music formats such as ogg, flac, wma, wav,.... too.

However, the requirements on the server side are different:
some servers extract the image stored in the music file by themselves
other servers require the cover as a separate JPEG image (with a file name such as' Folder. jpg') in the album folder instead.
Please refer to your server's documentation for more detailed information.

Repairs and spare parts

I need a spare part for one of your products. How do I get this?

You can order spare parts from your T+A dealer or directly from us by e-mail, fax or telephone.

I have a defective device, how do I proceed to have it repaired?

You can take your defective device to your dealer, who will repair it in his own workshop, or send it to T+A. Alternatively, we also offer you the option of sending us your defective device directly to the factory for repair.

Where may I send a defective device or a defective accessory?

Please send your repair to our home address:
T+A Elektroakustik GmbH & Co. KG
Planckstr. 9-11
32052 Herford / Germany

What do I have to consider when sending in a repair?

It is not necessary to announce the repair in advance or by phone.
Please be sure to include a cover letter with your address, contact information (e-mail, fax, phone) and a detailed description of the defect with each submission. We do not require accessories such as cables, manuals, antennas, remote controls, etc. for the repair, unless these are also defective. In the case of a defective CD/DVD/BD player, it is advantageous if you enclose one of your CD/DVDs with which the fault occurred in your case. This can be very helpful in determining the error.
If no original packaging or suitable third-party packaging is available, we will be happy to supply you with transport packaging in advance on request against reimbursement of costs.

Can I also drop off and pick up repairs directly at your plant?

You are also welcome to drop off and pick up your repairs in person. However, we do not perform same-day repairs, which means there is no option to wait for the repair.
Our main office is staffed Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. and Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Please note that chargeable repairs can unfortunately only be paid for in cash upon collection.

Can I get a cost estimate before the repair?

We will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate before the repair if you wish.
Please note, however, that the preparation of cost estimates is subject to a charge, as the devices often have to be partially repaired first. These costs are incurred if you reclaim the device unrepaired. Depending on the effort, we charge approx. 50,- to 100,-€ gross for the preparation of a cost estimate.

How can I pay for repairs, spare parts or estimates?

At present, we only offer advance bank transfer, cash on delivery or cash on collection as payment options. If you would like to transfer in advance, we will send you an order confirmation with the invoice data by fax or e-mail, or you transfer based on a previously prepared cost estimate.

Technology and operation

Why is the CD player always switched on when I switch on my R system, even though I have not selected it as a source?

When our R systems are switched on, the selected listening source and also the selected record source are always switched on automatically. The factory default record source is CD, so this is automatically switched on as well. If you do not want this, proceed as follows: On the front panel of your amplifier/receiver, press and hold the REC button. The LED above the CD button will light up. With the REC button still pressed, switch to AUX, for example, and then release the REC button. The CD player will now no longer switch on automatically. After a mains disconnection or power failure, you must make this setting again.

Why does my amplifier switch off the loudspeakers at higher volume, although the end stop of the volume control has not yet been reached?

The shutdown of the speakers is caused by the clipping protection circuitry, which kicks in when the maximum output power of the power amplifiers is reached. This is done to protect your speakers. The volume control is designed in such a way that there is still enough reserve in the control range to reach the maximum output power, even when connecting third-party equipment or when playing quieter music. However, this leads to the fact that with louder pieces of music or source devices with a higher output level, the maximum power can already be reached with a position of the volume control of 13-14 o'clock and the protection circuitry responds.

Why can't I activate the center and B speakers on my K2 / K2 M / K2 BLU even though they are connected?

The K2 Series units have automatic detection of the speakers connected to these outputs for the center and B speaker outputs. For speakers with a capacitor in the input of the crossover, this detection may fail. Therefore, the corresponding setting options are not displayed in the speaker configuration menu.
As a remedy, a resistor (approx. 470Ohm/5W) can be connected in parallel to each speaker. These resistors can be obtained from your dealer or from our service department. This procedure has no sound disadvantage. Information on this can also be found in the operating instructions for the K2 under operating faults "Sound". In the case of the K2BLU with the current software version, you can also deactivate automatic speaker detection in the service menu. You can call up the service menu as follows: Immediately after switching on, press and hold the lower cursor key ( V ) on the front panel until the service menu appears. After pressing the cursor key down three times, the item "Speaker detection" appears, which you can select with the OK key and change with the cursor keys to the right and left. You can exit the menu by pressing OK and then Stop.

The display of my tape deck shows "Service", what does this mean?

The indication "Service" in the display of your tape deck only shows that it might be useful to clean (have cleaned) the sound heads and the drive. So it does not indicate a defect. If the sound quality is still okay, you can reset the service indicator as described in the operating instructions in the appendix under "Malfunctions".

Why does my M or K system (R system only with additional, optional RC1 code converter) no longer respond to the remote control after it has been repaired or provided with new batteries?

T-A remote controls are equipped with two remote control addresses. The factory default address is 1 and the optional alternate address is 2. If your system has been reprogrammed to alternate address 2 by your dealer or by you (possibly due to interference with other equipment) and the remote control loses power during a battery change or repair, it will automatically revert to factory address 1 and your system will no longer respond to the remote control. You will then have to reprogram the remote control back to address 2. You will find more detailed information about the addresses in the operating instructions under "Changing the remote control address" or, in the case of older devices, in the appendix under "Operating faults". Here are the reprogramming instructions for the most important remote controls:
F 6 to F 12 - press and hold the OK and 3 keys simultaneously until the LED on the remote flashes. Release the keys and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting.
F1 / F2 / F 801 - press the rocker HIFI/TV(VCR) on the left side and keep it pressed until the LEDs above the rocker all light up. Release the rocker and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting.
F 800 M - press the PROG key and the 3 key at the same time and keep them pressed for about 3 seconds. Release the keys and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting. You may need to repeat the procedure as there is no control LED on the F 800.

Can I connect an E-series device to an R-series device via the link sockets and operate them remotely in the plant network?

Unfortunately, the E-Link sockets and the R-Link sockets work with incompatible protocols and can therefore not be combined

Ich habe nur zwei T+A Quellgeräte (z.B. Tuner und CD-Spieler), kann ich diese mit einer Fernbedienung fernbedienen?

I have only two T+A source devices (e.g. tuner and CD player), can I control them remotely with a remote control?

In which devices can the optionally available phono installation module (MM or MC) be installed?

An installation of our phono modules PHE-MM or PHE-MC is possible in the following devices: All R-series preamplifiers/receivers P/PA/PD/R1xx0R (not PreDA3000),
M-series PT 800 and PT 820, E-series PowerPlant (all generations), K6, P10.
The surround receivers SR 1510 R / 1535/1560 are equipped with a phono equalizer preamplifier for magnetic systems as standard, retrofitting is not possible here.
Our turntables G 10 and G 1260 R are available from the factory with the appropriate installation modules, a later retrofit should also only be done at our factory, since not easily feasible.

Ich besitze bereits ein älteres Phono-Einbaumodul. Kann ich dieses in aktuellen Geräten weiter verwenden?

I already own an older phono installation module. Can I continue to use this in current devices?

Mein Surroundreceiver SR 1510 / 1535 / 1560 / K6 zeigt bei analogen Eingängen zeitweise „Overload“ im Display an, was hat dies zu bedeuten?

My surround receiver SR 1510 / 1535 / 1560 / K6 shows intermittently "Overload" in the display for analog inputs, what does this mean?

Kann ich meinen digitalen Vorverstärker PD 1200R auf analoge(digitale) Ausgänge umbauen lassen?

Can I have my PD 1200R digital preamplifier converted to analog(digital) outputs?

Can my PD 1200 / PreDA 3000 / A2D / A3D / A4D be converted to play higher resolution audio?

Unfortunately, a conversion is not possible here for technical reasons.

On my tube integrated amplifier V10 the quiescent current (bias) deviates from the center by one LED down or up, do I need to readjust it?

If the quiescent current (bias) deviates from the center by only one LED, you do not need to readjust the bias. A fluctuation within this range is quite normal. Only if the deviation becomes larger, a new adjustment is advisable. If you need to readjust the setting within a short time (every 1-2 months), the V10 should be checked.

Why does my device receive FM stations but not DAB stations?

VHF and DAB stations are transmitted in different frequency ranges. FM 87.5 - 108 MHz and DAB 174 - 230 MHz. Since antenna connection boxes may output (filter) these ranges separately, it may be necessary to combine the two frequency ranges behind the antenna connection by means of a feed crossover. Alternatively, separate antennas can be used for FM and DAB.

Examples for connections


FAQ's about loudspeakers

What to consider when setting up your loudspeakers

Loudspeakers should be placed so that the distance between the speakers and the speaker is approximately an equilateral triangle. The tweeter and midrange drivers should be at ear level. Turning the speakers into the room has no sound advantages.

The minimum hearing distance should not be less than 2 meters. According to the triangular rule, this results in a minimum distance of 2 meters between the loudspeakers.

Keep in mind that the bass response is increased by approx. 3 dB by positioning the speakers near to the wall and up to 6 dB in the corner of the room.

In order to avoid excessive bass radiation, it is therefore advisable to position the cabinets as freely as possible with a distance of at least 0.5 meters to the side walls.
Hiding the speakers behind furniture or curtains has an enormous effect on the height reproduction.

Installation on a shelf

Smaller loudspeakers can be easily integrated into open cabinet walls or shelving systems.

In order to reduce the transmission of low frequency components to shelves or furniture elements, it is advisable to place the boxes on dampening material or spikes for acoustic decoupling.

Please note that loose furniture elements such as shelves or cupboard and glass doors are easily stimulated to resonate despite acoustic decoupling.

For this reason, ensure additional damping to avoid resonance, e. g. by gluing in felt strips or the like.

Floorstanding speakers

The T+A floorstanding loudspeakers can be placed on spikes to achieve a good decoupling of low frequency components from the floor.

To avoid injury, be extremely careful with the extremely pointed spikes and keep them away from children!

FAQ's Solitaire T

Is it possible to activate the transparency mode during a phone call/video call?

Yes, it's possible.

I can't pair the Solitaire T, what can I do?

Please delete the existing pairings of the Solitaire T and the phone completely and then pair them again.

Solitaire T: Turn on the Solitaire T and then move the BT slide switch on the right ear cup upwards and hold it in this position for at least 5 seconds.

Phone: In Settings/Bluetooth delete all entries regarding "Solitaire T".

After that, activate the pairing mode of the Solitaire T ( move the BT slide switch on the right ear cup upwards for approx. 2s until the BT LED flashes blue) and start the Solitaire T Companion App on the phone.

What are the impedance and sensitivity of the Solitaire T in passive mode?

Impedance: 64 ohms

Sensitivity: 106 dB @ 1V / 1kHz