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SubEQ  - Software for room calibration for the subwoofer TCD 610 W / TCD 610 W SE

The SubEQ program has been developed specifically for the equalization of the TCD 610 W (including the SE version). The software provides a fast, easy method of determining the acoustics of the listening room.
Connecting the TCD 610 W using a network cable enables you to adjust the equalizer settings con-veniently from your PC.
To ensure the best possible sound balance, the software includes a function which automatically calculates the optimum settings for the equalizers.
The software can also be used to adjust the sub-woofer to match the satellite speakers accurately, without requiring tedious listening tests.

Minimum system requirements:
- Pentium 4 / 2 GHz or similar, 512 MB RAM, Windows XP SP3 or higher
- Sound card
- Network connection
- The TCD 610 W requires firmware V 1.10 or later
- The TCD 610 W SE requires firmware V 2.10se or later



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Loudspeaker manual

SubEQ Software for room calibration

User manual TA SubEQ
Software TA SubEQ

Manual and Firmware Updates for TCD 610 W SE

User manual TCD 610 W SE
Installation manual firmware update TCD 610 W
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Firmware P100

includes Ethernet Flash Utitlity

Firmware P100

includes Ethernet Flash Utitlity