The T+A Criterion CTL Loudspeakers

Back in 1982 we developed a unique and truly ground-breaking series of transmission line loudspeakers which we christened Criterion (benchmark). Ever since its introduction Criterion has been a byword for loudspeakers equipped with uniquely superior tech-nology, offering extraordinarily good sound and unusually high performance. The latest incarnation of the range is named CTL and consists of three floor-standing loudspeakers that are more compact but even better and more powerful than their predecessors. The speakers boast completely new, ultra-modern high-performance drive units and a transmission line design which has undergone further refinement.

Our Criterion series constitutes a very good example of successful evolution. The life cycles of each model range have been remarkably long, because the speakers were fitted with the finest, most sophisticated technologies available. As you would expect, we have kept our faith in the unique transmission-line principle, since it offers major advantages in the reproduction of low frequencies.
The pair of newly developed long-throw woofers of the Criterion CTL series, are perfectly matched to the cabinet and the resonant frequency of the transmission line. 

Each model features two special bass drivers, a “wide-range” mid-range unit and a completely new type of super treble dome tweeter made of specially impregnated textile. The only differences between the three floor-standing speakers are the dimensions of their cabinets and the size of the drive units employed. The S 2200 CTL is the top model, and features the largest bass drivers of the three. It demonstrates the basic principles of the CTL series in exemplary form. The S 2100 CTL is the medium-sized floor-standing speaker in the CTL series; although it is more compact it is still not small, as it measures a full metre in height. This size ensures that there is ample volume available for the transmission line, which in turn generates very powerful low bass at high volume. With a height of just 96 cm the S 2000 CTL is the smallest and slimmest floor-standing speaker in the range. It is of very similar construction to the other floor-standing loudspeakers, and features the same textile dome tweeter as the two larger models.

Surface finishes

High gloss carbon 93

Oak whitewashed 95

Walnut dark 81

Arctic silver 96

Rubbed lacquer white 11

Rubbed lacquer black 12

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