S 230
Floor-standing loudspeaker

The S 230

In the Criterion S 230, an apparent contradiction comes together: sophisticated elegant design, audiophile music reproduction, and complex long-lasting internal construction unite. Its transmission line system, developed over the years, allows astonishing bass reproduction in a compact form factor, and its Symmetric Directivity mid-high-frequency system effectively minimizes harmful sound reflections. With its slim form and three subtly elegant lacquer versions, the Criterion S 230 effortlessly integrates into any environment and becomes the perfect embodiment of T+A's claim: Unique sound reproduction brought to life in a timeless elegant form.


Compared to larger speakers, the smaller internal volume of compact speakers makes it significantly more challenging to generate powerful and precise bass. Traditional speakers must either sacrifice bass performance or delicate design. We believe that sound and aesthetics should not be contradictions. Therefore, we have further improved our proven Transmissionline technology for the new Criterion series: a delicately folded and precisely calculated multiresonator structure on the inner back of the speaker creates standing waves that maximize sound pressure in the low-frequency range. The energy acting on the high-performance bass drivers is effectively maximized thanks to this technology, preventing it from being lost. To prevent the energy from affecting the drivers as unwanted interference, airtight chambers protect the sensitive high-midrange combination.

Desing &

As the second T+A speaker, the Criterion series follows our new design language of "Classic Modernity." A timeless classical framework sets the basis for the consistent application of modern ideas, excitingly reinterpreting details from this framework. Its distinctly curved housing is inspired by the appearance of the Art déco style. This excitingly different shape visually elongates the Criterion speakers and gives them a sculptural presence in the room that cleverly disguises their true dimensions. The timeless elegant finishes are built up in sophisticated multilayer processes. The complexity of the Multi-Resonator internal construction is on par with the external design: from an intricately milled transmission line chamber system with its own airtight compartments for the high- and midrange drivers to structure-borne sound-suppressing internal walls, the Criterion symbolizes our commitment to thoughtful perfection, solidity, and durability both internally and externally.

Symmetric Directivity System

For 40 years, the natural and unadulterated reproduction of music has driven us: nothing from the vision behind the music should be taken away or added by a T+A system. The entire mid-high-frequency range of the Criterion speakers is transmitted by a system of two midrange drivers concentrically placed around a magnesium tweeter. This system, called Symmetric Directivity by us, was first used in the globally celebrated Solitaire S 430 and now brings the remarkably precisely defined radiation behavior of the Solitaire speakers to a new price range. By using two 12 cm Star-Stabilizer midrange drivers, the displacement of each individual driver is halved, the distortion factor is reduced, and linearity is increased. The precisely calculated control of the midrange drivers and the 25 mm magnesium tweeter by the FSR crossovers creates a sound field whose energy is most pronounced in the center of the listening area. Harmful radiations on ceilings and floors are thus reduced before they can develop into disturbing room influences and reflections. As a result, the Symmetric Directivity System creates a broad stage with real depth gradation and allows the precise localization of all voices and instruments.

Organic Baffle

While the sound waves of lower bass frequencies pose significant demands on the structural integrity of the enclosure, the often only a few millimetres or centimetres short sound waves in the high-frequency range require a compensation of a completely different kind. Even tiny irregularities such as those caused by screwed chassis cradles or the smallest edges on the baffle could affect the undisturbed radiation of these tones, causing subtle but nonetheless audible colorations in the high-frequency reproduction.
The T+A OrganicBaffle Design represents our consistently scientific solution to this problem. In all Criterion speakers, the baffles are completely anchored internally without external screws or fasteners. Their shape itself has been meticulously calculated to prevent any potential disturbances in sound radiation from the outset, instead of having to minimize them afterwards. This innovative design ensures accurate mid-high-frequency reproduction without any impairments and ensures that the sound can be experienced in its purest form.


Each Criterion speaker is driven by five chassis. Two 17 cm high-performance woofers, with their modern aluminum die-cast baskets, perfectly couple the rear energy into the transmission line system thanks to precisely matched resonance frequencies. Due to their strong drives, large voice coils, and the long-excursion design of the moving parts, they can generate very high levels even at the lowest frequencies without distortion and with very good transient response. Two 12 cm high-performance midrange drivers are also equipped with aluminum die-cast baskets, with narrow struts preventing air turbulence and resonances. Very strong magnets ensure optimal control and driving force, and the high-quality suspension systems allow the transmission of the entire vocal range. The membrane material and the StarStabalizer prevent partial vibrations and standing waves. All these measures lead to a completely undistorted, lively, and natural reproduction of the entire midrange.
The completely newly developed tweeter has a very rigid and extremely lightweight magnesium membrane, which we coat in a special process to eliminate resonances occurring in the upper treble range, as often found in many metal tweeters. It has outstanding impulse response, is free from any hardness or sharpness, and is capable of cleanly reproducing frequencies up to 50 kHz.
Each of our cone chassis is made particularly special by our in-house StarStabilizer membrane system in two ways: a precisely calculated conical shape lays the foundation for future performance, while a central star-shaped stiffening prevents modes and resonances from arising before they occur, ensuring that the membranes work pistonically even under the highest loads. The chassis only transmit the signal coming from the amplifier, undisturbed by unwanted interference signals.


Our Criterion speakers also feature our highly complex double-sided Fast Signal Response three-way crossovers (FSR). These remarkable crossovers play a crucial role in the outstanding sound imaging and radiation characteristics of the speakers. A dedicated mass layer (power plane) ensures that even high currents and powerful impulses are processed without distortion, while optimal transient response and first-class signal transmission represent the result of precise calculations. Even the most demanding levels are effortlessly handled, as precise control in all three frequency ranges is always ensured. The filter stages and bandpasses have been carefully tuned for optimal phase and group delay times. To ensure that this performance is not lost in the final transmission stages, we have selected special internal connection cables for the speaker chassis. Due to the complete separation of the boards for the bass and mid-high frequency range, the Criterion S speakers are perfect for operation with bi-amping or bi-wiring.



Floor-standing speaker

3-Way Transmission-line

Power rating

Nominal power rating

200 Watts

Music power rating

300 Watts


4 Ohms

Frequency range

29 - 45000 Hz


87 dB

Drive units

Drive units bass

2 x 170 mm

Drive units midrange

2 x 150 mm

Drive units high frequency

1 x 25 mm

Crossover frequencies

200 / 2000 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D

106 x 24 x 48 cm Height incl. base


37,5 kg

Technical modifications reserved

Surface finishes

Rubbed lacquer black 12

Arctic silver 96

Rubbed lacquer white 11

Macassar 90



Catalogue Criterion S Loudspeakers

User manual

User manual Criterion S 230 Loudspeakers


Audio-Stereoplay 6/2024

Heaven is a place on earth

Die Criterion S 230 beweist, dass sich auch unterhalb fünfstelliger Summen echtes High End bei Lautsprechern anbieten lässt. Und dass sich sparen wieder lohnt, denn wo sonst könnte man sich für unter 10.000,- Euro ein dauerhaftes Stück Paradies auf Erden einrichten.

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