High End Collection 2023

Atrium 3, D 102




PSD 3100 HV

Streaming pre-amp DAC

We developed the PSD 3100 HV to meet the requirement of combining the performance of our finest pre-amplifiers and converters with the convenience and practicality of our multi-source players. With a range of professional digital inputs, FM, FM-HD and DAB+ radio reproduction, Bluetooth and Connect services, as well as the ability to stream local and global Internet and network sources, the PSD 3100 HV is capable of directly converting everything digital into ultra-high quality analogue signals. These features make it the obvious audiophile solution for all those whose music collection is centred around digital media. The PSD 3100 HV represents a universal command centre for a High-End system, only requiring the connection of suitable output stages or active loudspeakers. At the same time it incorporates our uncompromising scientific methodology: in a multi-function device it is only possible to obtain the finest possible reproduction quality, devoid of detrimental reciprocal effects between the various analogue and digital sub-assemblies, by combining unique technologies and decades of experience in the field.

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Audiophile Streaming Architecture G3

The third generation of the T+A Audiophile Streaming Architecture represents our second new product at the High End fair. It is to be introduced in the R-series and HV-series streamers, and provides users with access to a large number of convenient, high-quality Connect services for direct music streaming from the user’s mobile device to the T+A component, integrates all relevant streaming services and allows DSD files to be streamed directly via the streaming client. The newly presented generation of the T+A Audiophile Streaming Architecture will be integrated into the HV-series and R-series multi-source players as a standard feature from Q4 2023, depending on material availability. For owners of existing R and HV players T+A offers the opportunity to have their devices factory-upgraded from the current streaming clients to the latest generation, incorporating new, device-specific control and converter software. We also expect the upgrade kits to be available from the 4th quarter of 2023.


R 2500 R

Multi Source Receiver

The new streaming architecture also finds a home in T+A’s third new product at the fair: the new R 2500 R combines the practical usability of a receiver with the performance potential of the R-series audiophile individual components. In addition to the latest T+A streaming client the R 2500 R features a CD mechanism, DAB, FM and Internet radio as well as analogue, digital and HDMI inputs. For Jörg Küpper this versatility is a logical development: “The R 2500 R is designed to be the great-sounding command centre our customers need, and it therefore has to maximise the potential of a large number of sources.” To ensure that the R 2500 R can cope with demanding loudspeakers in spite of its elegant, compact case, the Herford engineers have used their pre-amplifier and Class AB output stage technology, which is celebrated all over the world as a reference and is known from the PA 2500 R. Equipped with 2 x 250 Watts of continuous power into 4 Ohms, the R 2500 R will be available from specialist retail outlets from late summer 2023.

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