High End Collection 2022

Solitaire T 

#T+A wherever you are

from end of September 2022

From the first day the Solitaire T was developed with a single goal in mind: to blur the distinctions between audiophile, working and travel headphones by making the values and convictions which are the hallmark of every T+A product accessible in almost every situation in life. Their transducer system is a completely new development, capable of reproducing the most subtle nuances in audiophile quality in active and passive mode alike, while the passive insulation on its own is sufficient to push the outside world into the background. When combined with active background noise suppression, which can be switched on as required, unwanted sounds disappear completely behind the music.

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Solitaire S


from Autumn 2022

With the new Solitaire series of loudspeakers we have combined proven techniques from the past with new, pioneering technologies. Like the first Solitaire speakers, introduced back in the year 1983, all the new Solitaire loudspeakers are fitted with planar treble units. The Mag50 magnetostat, driven by ten magnets, offers an amazing blend of enthusiasm, resolution and fine dynamics in a unit just five centimetres in size. In contrast, the new Mag850 is 85 centimetres long and features 90 magnets orientated in a single row, and this unit drives the treble section of the Solitaire S 530 and S 540 . A feature shared by all models is their uncompromising audiophile fine-tuning, superb craftsmanship and an excitingly new but pleasantly familiar design language. When it comes to the design, the Herford based family business gives it’s customers a multitude of choices to suit their tastes: The aluminium baffle comes in silver or black, whilst customers can combine their baffle colour of choice with three wood colours: titanium, black and markassa

M 200

Mono power amp

from July 2022

The M 200 mono power amplifier has been developed with the sole aim of providing the ultimate in audiophile quality and performance – without any compromise or limitation. To this end the M 200 combines the fine detail, resolution and detail dynamics of our hugely esteemed A 200 stereo power amplifier with an output of more than 400 Watt. The M 200 is designed to feed just one loudspeaker, and this allows it to celebrate music in a manner which is even more audiophile, even more powerful and even more devoid of coloration than would ever be possible with a stereo power amplifier.

PSD 3100 HV

Streaming pre-amp DAC

from Summer 2022

The PSD 3100 HV was developed with the requirement to combine the performance of our finest pre-amplifiers and converters with the convenience of use of a multi-source player. With an array of professional digital inputs, FM, FM-HD, DAB+ radio, Bluetooth and Connect services, and streaming for local and global Internet and network sources, the PSD 3100 HV is capable of directly converting everything digital into top-quality analogue signals. As such it can be considered as the consistent audiophile answer to all those whose music collection has left the age of the CD behind.

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