The K-Series

1996 saw the introduction of the first machines in the K-series. The idea behind this range was to produce ultra-compact equipment boasting multiple functions and outstanding sound qualities. From these beginnings we developed many successful AV devices which, in addition to superb sound, offer very good picture reproduction from DVD or – in the case of the more recent units – from BluRay. Our latest all-in-one devices – the K8 and K2 Blu – are now fitted with a large number of supplementary digital sources including Streaming Client, FM tuner or digital inputs for external sources, although classic analogue inputs are naturally available. This means that the K8 and the K2 Blu represent the perfect control centre for a system providing superb surround, virtual surround or stereo sound. They form ideal partners for high-resolution flat-screen televisions which, even though they supply great picture quality, sound more and more pitiful as they get ever thinner.

Design philosophy

It would only be partly correct to apply the term AV receiver to our K-series of equipment, as these machines offer far more than any conventional AV receiver. The units have been developed to the same uncompromising design standards as our two-channel Hi-Fi equipment, which means that superb sound is the First Commandment – regardless of source. And that is why we incorporated many components from the E-series and the R-series, including output stages, tuner, streaming client, converter and mains power supply designs. As in our High-End audio devices we consistently maintain separation between mains power supplies / voltage supply systems and the pre-amplifiers and sensitive signal areas by incorporating shielding and de-coupling measures. The BluRay disc mechanisms are isolated and mounted in floating suspensions in the same way as our High-End CD mechanisms, which explains why they sound great when playing CDs, as well as delivering excellent picture quality. The cases are heavy, mainly of metal construction, and feature hand-brushed aluminium external surfaces. Since not all music / video fans are prepared to find space for five or more loudspeakers in their listening rooms, we offer two alternatives: the large one based on the K8, and the small one in the shape of the K2 Blu.

Technical Highlights

K 2 blu

3.1 BluRay HD Receiver

Output power per channel
5 x 150 Watts into 4 Ohms
Operating modes
2 listening zones (Virtual Surround + Stereo)
3 x analogue, 2 x digital, USB
Video, digital, Subwoofer
BluRay (DVD, CD) mechanism, FM-Tuner, Bluetooth, Streaming Client

K 8

7.1 BluRay HD Receiver

Output power per channel
7 x 150 Watts into 4 Ohms
Operating modes
7.1 HD-Surround, variable up to 4 listening zones
Dolby+ dts
7 x analogue, 3 x digital, 2 x USB, 3 x HDMI, 4 x Video
HDMI, digital, Subwoofer
BluRay-mechanism (DVD, CD), FM-Tuner, Streaming Client
Control interface

Components of the K-Series