The T+A Headphonerange 

Every T+A Solitaire headphone celebrates music. The Solitaire P set the Hi-Fi world alight, and has been celebrated by numerous specialist magazines - and by FORBES - as one of the world’s finest headphones. The Solitaire P-SE incorporates all the outstanding values of the Solitaire P, and carries them into a new price class.

The HA 200 headphone amp completes the T+A headphone range. 

Every model in the Solitaire P family is based on a magneto-static driver. Their soundsignature is characterized by a poignant bass, clear midrange and precise yet sweet treble. 
The Solitaire headphones don't follow standards but are a polaris for those who enjoy music, innovation and science brought to life. 
The HA 200 encompasses the combined requirements of professional users active in studio technology and those of audiophile music lovers, who wish to run multiple headphones from a single device. 

Solitaire P-SE - Luxury headphones

The Solitaire P-SE shares its heritage with the Solitaire P and produces the performance audiophiles have come to expect from T+A headphones. Certain features of the Solitaire P-SE’s design - such as machined ear cups and chamfered headband connections - reflect its family ties with the Solitaire P. The re-designed headband allows the Solitaire P-SE to lie closer to the head, while the modern black finish makes it unique within the Solitaire P series.

A newly developed driver, featuring a new draft control system and conductor tracks, sets the Solitaire P-SE apart, not only in terms of visuals but also in terms of technolgy.  

In house transducers - TPM 3100 & 2500

The beating hearts inside every Solitaire headphone are our TPM 3100 and 2500 transducers, which are an in-house development. The position of their conductor tracks is calculated with great accuracy in order to fill the whole membrane surface, thereby exploiting to the full the advantages of the magneto-static system. The headphones’ single-row magnet array saves considerable weight compared with the commonly used twin-row system, without diminishing the magnetic power required by the system as a whole. This innovation is only possible thanks to our careful selection of magnets and the precise calculation of their positions. 

In this way the Solitaire P-SE combines the ergonomic advantages of dynamic headphones with the sonic characteristics of a magneto-static system.
The TPM 3100 constitutes our references level transducer and powers the Solitaire P exclusively. The TPM 3100 features conductor tracks made from aluminium and a 12 point draft control system. The new TPM 2500 is used in the Solitaire P-SE and is set apart by using copper as the base material for the conductor tracks as well as a 6 point draft control system.  

HA 200 - Time for a new amp

The HA 200 headphone amplifier is a completely new development, designed for dynamic and magnetostatic headphones. It is based on analogue T+A HV technology. Its high-performance output stages are of Class-A design and operate with a high idle current, enabling them to drive even the most demanding headphones without difficulty. Impedance matching allows the HA 200 to be fine-tuned to suit any headphones you wish to use. 

The case design and materials harmonise perfectly with the unique electronics. The amplifier’s appearance references the legendary M-system, in line with our design philosophy of timeless reduction. The cooling fins are inspired by the HV series. The pin-sharp screen displays all relevant information in compact form. The volume display is inspired by the thrust control display in a jet plane’s cockpit, reflecting the sheer power of the HA 200.

Like all current T+A DACs the new HA 200 also features a carefully optimised and completely separate decoder architecture for DSD and PCM, ensuring that all digital formats are decoded to the highest standards. All the digital signal processing of PCM data is carried out by our superlative double differential quadruple converter, with a conversion rate of up to 768 kHz. The unique analogue T+A True 1-Bit DSD converter is employed for DSD data; rather than converting the DSD data, it processes them in native Bitstream form. This means that DSD data up to DSD 1024, as they arrive from the USB input of the digital connecting board, can be reproduced in the very highest quality.

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