KS 350
Floor-standing loudspeaker

The KS 350

The KS 350 is even better looking than its big sister, the KS 300: it is only 15 cm wide, 21 cm deep and 94 cm high. In spite of its slender build the speaker still provides superb bass, while its open, natural-sounding mid-range / treble creates a tremendously transparent, spacious effect with clearly delineated low frequencies.


The KS 350’s cabinet is again based on profiled aluminium extrusions produced from a single tool, a method which endows the cabinet with tremendous stiffness and strength. A cabinet built in this way is very heavy, and this weight is very important for accurate bass reproduction and a clean, uncoloured mid-range. In spite of the speaker’s compact external dimensions the net internal volume is relatively large, since the walls are only a few millimetres thick. This characteristic, combined with the perfectly matched bass drivers, is the key to the speaker’s astonishingly deep and precise bass response.The design incorporates three high-tech bass units which are a completely new development, featuring a special ultra long excursion suspension and a cone of a very hard material.
The entire vocal range is handled by one high-end mid-range driver with stiffened cone and extensive internal damping, while our outstanding ring radiator – also used in the KS 300 – is responsible for the treble range up to and beyond 40000 Hz. The three-way cross-over unit is built using the finest components available, and matches the cabinet perfectly. It is designed for optimum transient response and transmission characteristics, provides effortless processing even at extremely high levels, and ensures that the three frequency ranges are handled as accurately as possible.



Floor-standing speaker
3-Way bass reflex

Power rating

Nominal load
100 Watts
Music power
150 Watts
4 Ohms
Frequency range
40 - 45000 Hz
Sensitivity (1 Watt/1 m)
85 dB

Drive units

Bass drive unit
3 x 120 mm
Midrange drive unit
1 x 120 mm
High-frequency drive unit
1 x 35 mm
Crossover frequencies
300 / 2200 Hz


Dimensions H x W x D
94 x 15 x 21 cm
19 x 27 cm
15 kg
Cabinet Alu black 42, covers Alu silver 43
Cabinet Alu silver 43, covers Alu silver 43
Technical modifi cations reserved



Catalogue K - Louspeakers

Connection and installation

Loudspeaker manual