Sophisticated design. Innovative technology. Uncompromising construction.
Developed to satisfy the most exacting requirements in terms of dynamics, stability under load, fine detail resolution, spatial imaging fidelity and natural sound quality. Cylindrical dispersion pattern for minimising room influences. Unique electrostatic mid-range / treble driver.

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Aesthetic purity. Breathtaking performance. Solid aluminium. The combination of extremely innovative cabinet technology and High-End drive units enables the Talis range to satisfy the most demanding audiophile requirements. These speakers’ outstanding features are their superb bass response and refined imaging characteristics.

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Innovative design philosophy. Refined transmission-line principle. Exclusive construction and finish.
The perfect range of loudspeakers for the demanding music lover and style aficionado, from large High-End floor-standers down to the compact Centre monitor. This series satisfies the most exacting demands in terms of dynamics, fine detail resolution and natural sound quality. Their outstanding qualities are superb bass reproduction and wonderful spatial imaging ability. Twelve cabinet finishes are available.

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Pulsar 20

High-End drive units. Elegant design. Premium cabinet craftsmanship.
The ideal series of loudspeakers for demanding music lovers and aficionados of style. Compact, beautiful and superb-sounding, these speakers satisfy the most exacting requirements in terms of dynamics, fine detail resolution, natural sound and impressive bass response. They are available in high-gloss white and high-gloss black finishes.

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K -Loudspeakers

Exclusive cabinets. Solid aluminium. Innovative technology.
This loudspeaker range fulfils the most challenging demands in terms of design, material and sound quality. The all-aluminium cabinets look absolutely superb, as well as being slimmer and smaller overall than their conventional wooden equivalents. At the same time they maintain very good bass response and exceptional imaging qualities. K-loudspeakers satisfy the most exacting requirements in terms of dynamics, fine detail imaging and natural sound quality.

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Compact. Powerful. All-aluminium.
This mini-loudspeaker demonstrates what excellent sound can be achieved even from small speaker cabinets. The astonishing sound quality is due to the unit’s sophisticated aluminium case and high-quality drivers.
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