Support T+A Solitaire Companion for iOS

The T+A Solitaire Companion app allows in-depth control of your Solitaire T headphones directly from your mobile device.
From adjusting the intensity of active noise cancellation to software updates, the Solitaire Companion App bundles a variety of features and settings for your Solitaire T in one intuitive place.
The app thus provides central access to all relevant functions of the Solitaire T and is intuitive to use thanks to its attractive graphics and convenient user guidance.

A list of compatible devices can be found below.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our T+A Solitaire T Compaanion App, please email us at:

Download T+A Solitaire Companion for iOS

To download the T+A Solitaire Companion App for iOS from the Apple App Store, please scan the QR code shown with your iPhone or iPad.

You will then be taken directly to T+A Solitaire Companion App and can install it immediately.


List of compatible devices

Compatible devices for T+A Solitaire Companion for iOS