Support Caruso T+A Navigator iOS

The T+A Caruso Navigator is your go-to application for controlling all devices within the T+A Caruso range from the comfort of your iOS device.
Ranging from FM-Radio to Bluetooth Media playback, the Caruso Navigator allows you to intuitively navigate and control the multitude of sources your Caruso and Caruso R offer.
Going even further, the CarusoNavigator App even allows you to edit playlists for supported streaming services or to change all settings as if you were sitting right in front of the Caruso. Please note that the Caruso Navigator app works best if the latest version of both the App and the Caruso’s operating system are installed. The operating system is updated via a web update. Please visit: Support for more information on device firmaware updates.

Your feedback is very important to us, which is why we invite you to reach out via e-mail: We will sure to respond swiftly.  

Download T+A Caruso Navigator for iOS

To download the T+A Caruso Navigator app for iOS from the Apple App Store, search for the app under the name "T+A Caruso Navigator". Alternatively, you can scan the displayed QR code with your iPhone or iPad. You will then be taken directly to the T+A Caruso Navigator app and can install it immediately.