Technology and Operation

Technology and operation

Why is the CD player always switched on when I switch on my R system, even though I have not selected it as a source?

When our R systems are switched on, the selected listening source and also the selected record source are always switched on automatically. The factory default record source is CD, so this is automatically switched on as well. If you do not want this, proceed as follows: On the front panel of your amplifier/receiver, press and hold the REC button. The LED above the CD button will light up. With the REC button still pressed, switch to AUX, for example, and then release the REC button. The CD player will now no longer switch on automatically. After a mains disconnection or power failure, you must make this setting again.

Why does my amplifier switch off the loudspeakers at higher volume, although the end stop of the volume control has not yet been reached?

The shutdown of the speakers is caused by the clipping protection circuitry, which kicks in when the maximum output power of the power amplifiers is reached. This is done to protect your speakers. The volume control is designed in such a way that there is still enough reserve in the control range to reach the maximum output power, even when connecting third-party equipment or when playing quieter music. However, this leads to the fact that with louder pieces of music or source devices with a higher output level, the maximum power can already be reached with a position of the volume control of 13-14 o'clock and the protection circuitry responds.

Why can't I activate the center and B speakers on my K2 / K2 M / K2 BLU even though they are connected?

The K2 Series units have automatic detection of the speakers connected to these outputs for the center and B speaker outputs. For speakers with a capacitor in the input of the crossover, this detection may fail. Therefore, the corresponding setting options are not displayed in the speaker configuration menu.
As a remedy, a resistor (approx. 470Ohm/5W) can be connected in parallel to each speaker. These resistors can be obtained from your dealer or from our service department. This procedure has no sound disadvantage. Information on this can also be found in the operating instructions for the K2 under operating faults "Sound". In the case of the K2BLU with the current software version, you can also deactivate automatic speaker detection in the service menu. You can call up the service menu as follows: Immediately after switching on, press and hold the lower cursor key ( V ) on the front panel until the service menu appears. After pressing the cursor key down three times, the item "Speaker detection" appears, which you can select with the OK key and change with the cursor keys to the right and left. You can exit the menu by pressing OK and then Stop.

The display of my tape deck shows "Service", what does this mean?

The indication "Service" in the display of your tape deck only shows that it might be useful to clean (have cleaned) the sound heads and the drive. So it does not indicate a defect. If the sound quality is still okay, you can reset the service indicator as described in the operating instructions in the appendix under "Malfunctions".

Why does my M or K system (R system only with additional, optional RC1 code converter) no longer respond to the remote control after it has been repaired or provided with new batteries?

T-A remote controls are equipped with two remote control addresses. The factory default address is 1 and the optional alternate address is 2. If your system has been reprogrammed to alternate address 2 by your dealer or by you (possibly due to interference with other equipment) and the remote control loses power during a battery change or repair, it will automatically revert to factory address 1 and your system will no longer respond to the remote control. You will then have to reprogram the remote control back to address 2. You will find more detailed information about the addresses in the operating instructions under "Changing the remote control address" or, in the case of older devices, in the appendix under "Operating faults". Here are the reprogramming instructions for the most important remote controls:
F 6 to F 12 - press and hold the OK and 3 keys simultaneously until the LED on the remote flashes. Release the keys and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting.
F1 / F2 / F 801 - press the rocker HIFI/TV(VCR) on the left side and keep it pressed until the LEDs above the rocker all light up. Release the rocker and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting.
F 800 M - press the PROG key and the 3 key at the same time and keep them pressed for about 3 seconds. Release the keys and press key 2 for the alternate address or key 1 for the factory setting. You may need to repeat the procedure as there is no control LED on the F 800.

Can I connect an E-series device to an R-series device via the link sockets and operate them remotely in the plant network?

Unfortunately, the E-Link sockets and the R-Link sockets work with incompatible protocols and can therefore not be combined

Ich habe nur zwei T+A Quellgeräte (z.B. Tuner und CD-Spieler), kann ich diese mit einer Fernbedienung fernbedienen?

I have only two T+A source devices (e.g. tuner and CD player), can I control them remotely with a remote control?

In which devices can the optionally available phono installation module (MM or MC) be installed?

An installation of our phono modules PHE-MM or PHE-MC is possible in the following devices: All R-series preamplifiers/receivers P/PA/PD/R1xx0R (not PreDA3000),
M-series PT 800 and PT 820, E-series PowerPlant (all generations), K6, P10.
The surround receivers SR 1510 R / 1535/1560 are equipped with a phono equalizer preamplifier for magnetic systems as standard, retrofitting is not possible here.
Our turntables G 10 and G 1260 R are available from the factory with the appropriate installation modules, a later retrofit should also only be done at our factory, since not easily feasible.

Ich besitze bereits ein älteres Phono-Einbaumodul. Kann ich dieses in aktuellen Geräten weiter verwenden?

I already own an older phono installation module. Can I continue to use this in current devices?

Mein Surroundreceiver SR 1510 / 1535 / 1560 / K6 zeigt bei analogen Eingängen zeitweise „Overload“ im Display an, was hat dies zu bedeuten?

My surround receiver SR 1510 / 1535 / 1560 / K6 shows intermittently "Overload" in the display for analog inputs, what does this mean?

Kann ich meinen digitalen Vorverstärker PD 1200R auf analoge(digitale) Ausgänge umbauen lassen?

Can I have my PD 1200R digital preamplifier converted to analog(digital) outputs?

Can my PD 1200 / PreDA 3000 / A2D / A3D / A4D be converted to play higher resolution audio?

Unfortunately, a conversion is not possible here for technical reasons.

On my tube integrated amplifier V10 the quiescent current (bias) deviates from the center by one LED down or up, do I need to readjust it?

If the quiescent current (bias) deviates from the center by only one LED, you do not need to readjust the bias. A fluctuation within this range is quite normal. Only if the deviation becomes larger, a new adjustment is advisable. If you need to readjust the setting within a short time (every 1-2 months), the V10 should be checked.

Why does my device receive FM stations but not DAB stations?

VHF and DAB stations are transmitted in different frequency ranges. FM 87.5 - 108 MHz and DAB 174 - 230 MHz. Since antenna connection boxes may output (filter) these ranges separately, it may be necessary to combine the two frequency ranges behind the antenna connection by means of a feed crossover. Alternatively, separate antennas can be used for FM and DAB.

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