Support Caruso (1st Gen.)

Since the machines of the T+A E-series incorporate modules which exploit innovative Flash technology, it is possible to update the machine's software without opening the case.
The current update package is available for this version of the machine. It offers the following new features:

T+A CARUSO   Beta-Version: B 1.30 (30/06/14)

New / improved functions: (GEN) = General, (SCL) = Streaming Client, (FM) = FM tuner
- App-Control support
- Improved update / autodetection of update FW package on an USB memory stick

- AIFF support
- Improved search function (edit of searchstring possible)
- Selectable network connection mode (AUTO /LAN only / WLAN only)
- function of RC key "OK" has been changed to "select" (open directory etc.) - playing of whole directorys can be started by the |> (PLAY) key

Firmwareupdate via USB-stick

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Firmware update Caruso
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