Solitaire P-SE

The new high end luxury headphone

The Solitaire P set the Hi-Fi world alight, and has been celebrated by numerous specialist magazines – and by FORBES – as one of the world’s finest headphones. The Solitaire P-SE incorporates all the outstanding values of the Solitaire P, and carries them into a new price class.

Like every model in the Solitaire P family, the P-SE is based on a magneto-static driver. The soundsignature is characterized by a poignant bass, clear midrange and precise yet sweet treble. 

The Solitaire P-SE doesn’t follow standards but is a polaris for those who enjoy music, innovation and science brought to life. 


TPM 2500 – In house transducer

The beating heart inside the Solitaire P-SE is our TPM 2500, which is an in-house development. The position of its conductor tracks is calculated with great accuracy in order to fill the whole membrane surface, thereby exploiting to the full the advantages of the magneto-static system. The headphones’ single-row magnet array saves considerable weight compared with the commonly used twin-row system, without diminishing the magnetic power required by the system as a whole. This innovation is only possible thanks to our careful selection of magnets and the precise calculation of their positions. In this way the Solitaire P-SE combines the ergonomic advantages of dynamic headphones with the sonic characteristics of a magneto-static system.

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