Sorishop Co. Ltd. becomes T+A distribution partner for South Korea

The high end distribution company Sorishop Co. Ltd.will start representing the brand T+A in South Korea with effect from July 1st, 2019. Sorishop has been a retailer of hi-fi audio equipment and systems since 1999 and acquired Dioplus, one of the best distributors of hi-fi audio and speaker systems in the South Korean market, in 2004. Since 2018, all HiFi electronics and speaker systems have been imported and sold under the Sorishop name. Choi Kwan-sik, CEO of Sorishop Co. Ltd. is enthusiastic about the cooperation: "First, we are very glad to work with T+A elektroakustik as the exclusive distributor in Korea market. We trust that a company which has a long history more than 40 years should have their own special product philosophy and T+A is the brand. We are excited to represent the company, T+A in our market and we have a confidence to settle the T+A brand in our market. I also believe that all of our 50 members will do their best efforts."   

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