The new Navigator OS

Experience your Caruso in an entirely new dimension. The latest version of Navigator OS introduces a redesigned user interface, featuring numerous enhancements both big and small, paired with a fresh yet elegant design that accentuates the sonic excellence of your Caruso with a new look and user experience.


The new version of the Navigator OS will be rolled out to all Caruso devices via a web update in June 2024 – look forward to a new design, greatly improved operations, and software that prepares your Caruso for the future. For detailed information and technical data, please visit our Caruso series.

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Modernized Home Screen – Clarity Meets Elegance

The newly designed home screen of the Caruso harmonizes clarity with stylish design to perfection. Its focus on four source categories enables quicker access to music by smartly filtering options, reducing access times and search efforts by up to 50%. The completely restructured toolbar adopts familiar operation schemes: from navigation to Amazon Alexa and the newly introduced volume control, consolidating all essential functions in one place. Intuitive menus and improved navigation paths allow you to immerse yourself deeper into your music world without getting lost in complex menus.
The new visual style seamlessly translates the meticulous craftsmanship of the device into the digital space, creating a highlight both digitally and analogically.

Optimized Operation –
Faster, Simpler, More Intuitive

Every function of the Caruso is designed to offer a seamless listening experience. The streamlined operations make controlling your HiFi system easier and quicker. Whether adjusting the volume, tweaking the sound, or switching between different sources – the new version of the Navigator OS has been co-developed with users to make processes quicker, safer, and easier.
Gone are the days of tediously searching for radio stations with the latest version of Navigator OS: An automatic scan eliminates the need for manual selection of frequencies. With the newly created coexistence of station and favourites lists, saving your favourite stations from the play screen is easier than ever before.

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