Caruso R 

The Caruso name is a byword for compact Hi-Fi systems offering impressive features and sound quality despite their diminutive size. Since its introduction to the market back in 2008 the Caruso has evolved into the epitome of reflected progressiveness. Every device bearing the name Caruso is modern, without simply following trends; the Caruso favours substance and precision over show effects, and celebrates the enjoyment of music like few other systems.


The new Caruso R is made entirely of aluminium, a tough material whose strength and durability have earned it a place in space travel.

These features ensure that your Caruso R will become your companion over a period of years, rather than representing merely a short-lived fashion accessory. Our inquisitive nature and our belief in science have enabled us to produce a device which delivers superb sound whilst taking up little space. This means that audiophile sound is no longer the preserve of large rooms with large systems.

T+A NavigatorOS – developed to be a pleasure

Our aim is to give you goosebumps and make your heart beat faster, and that’s why we developed our T+A Navigator OS, which grants access to your music more swiftly and intuitively than ever before. With its modern input methods, such as speech commands, touchscreen and App control systems, you can devote yourself entirely to your music, rather than wasting time learning complex operating procedures.

In conjunction with its 7” HD OLED touchscreen the Navigator OS provides control of all functions of the system, and stages your music in an entirely new way. Its clear menu structure is reminiscent of modern navigation systems from the world of motoring, and has been optimised with the aim of minimising the number of operating steps per function.

Amplifier - Power & control

The entire amplifier section is controlled by the integral DSP, which linearises and optimises the frequency response, switches and manages all the inputs and outputs, and controls the high-performance output stages. The latter are designed to cope with a vast range of loudspeaker types, are completely stable under load, capable of handling very high currents and are distortion-free even up to extreme volume levels. The mains section is totally stable over the full operating range, i.e. it never collapses, and has very high current reserves.

The substantial weight of the Caruso R is a clear indication of its inner strength. The specially developed T+A Aluminium Framework makes the Caruso R tremendously rigid: a sophisticated profile extrusion serves as the principal load-bearing frame for all the internal architecture. It is manufactured to ultra-close tolerances and CNC-machined, and that’s why all the components slot seamlessly together. As a result the case is totally composed and devoid of resonances.

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