Power Bar 2+3 HD

This distribution panel has two sockets for analogue and three sockets for digital devices and a massive bottom plate machined from solid aluminum.
Sophisticated High-End systems may consist of a vast range of different components, and invariably consume very high currents. This places considerable demands on the method of distributing mains power to the individual machines in the system.

T+A Power Bars are designed and equipped to suppress and effectively eliminate the various forms of interference.
Nearly all Hifi systems comprise several different types of device, such as pre-amplifier, power amplifier, CD player or streamer, i.e. machines with analogue or digital mains power supplies. Even if these machines’ internal mains power supplies are shielded, it is inevitable that they will have some effect on the mains distribution panel. For this reason there are sockets for analogue devices and for devices with digital mains power supplies, and we again de-couple each individual source device socket separately to avoid any crosstalk.

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User manual

Power Bar 2+3 und 2+5 user manual