Hi-Res Audio with Qobuz

A new firmware version is available with immediate effect for the following devices: MP 2000 R MKII, MP 1000 E and R 1000 E. It can be installed as a web update.

This update now provides access to Qobuz lossless music streaming and download services. Qobuz offers the largest High-Res 24-bit music catalogue with more than 60,000 albums, as well as 30 million tracks in CD quality. More information about Qobuz is available at T+A customers can benefit from a 30 day free trial of Qobuz HIFI (worth EUR 19,99) by going to

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PA 3100 HV – New Integrated amplifier of the HV-series

The new PA 3100 HV is based on the outstanding PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier, and most of its sub-assemblies are identical. The immediately obvious difference is in the front panel, which houses a pair of VU meters displaying the actual output per channel on a logarithmic scale. A further development is the redesigned analogue mains section and power supply, which is similar to that of the A 3000 HV. This makes it possible to con-nect the supplementary PS 3000 HV Power Supply in order to gain a further increase in stability, quality and performance of the power supply system as a whole. We also succeeded in improving sound quality by revising the pre-amplifier sections.

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ISE 2017 - All the connections you need
7. - 10. February 2017

We will exhibit in Amsterdam at the ISE 2017. Please visit us on our booth 5 R 95 on february 7th – 10th.

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Pulsar Loudspeaker series

Pulsar loudspeakers with their curved cabinets and high-gloss lacquered surfaces are the perfect match for any modern living room. Superb craftsmanship right down to the finest detail, modern design combined with outstanding acoustic qualities – these are the defining characteristics of this series.

The new Pulsar ST 20 floor-standing loudspeaker and the bookshelf speaker R 20 are available now at your local T+A dealer.

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