HV-Individual – an audio system as distinctive as you are

T+A now offers its customers the opportunity to tailor their dream HV system precisely to their personal taste – with HV-Individual. You decide the colour in which the case components, cover panels and heat-sinks are to be painted, and even the colour of the front panel printing. In terms of colour the range runs from white to black and all shades between the two. Your chosen devices can be finished in any RAL hue, car colour or metallic lacquer in matt, semi-matt and high-gloss. With HV-Individual T+A combines the technical brilliance of the HV-series with the character of its customers to form a uniquely personal statement.

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MP 3100 HV - New multi-source SACD player of the HV-series

The MP 3100 HV is our latest and finest multi-source player. Its extremely refined design enables it to reproduce virtually every digital source imaginable to a standard of quality which is totally High-End.
One completely new development is the integral SACD / CD disc mechanism, and the player also features our ultra-modern streaming client. Further standard facilities include an outstandingly good digital tuner with FM, FM-HD and DAB+, an aptX™ Bluetooth module and a digital input board with seven professional inputs.
As you would expect, the new MP 3100 HV also supports the streaming services Tidal, Deezer and Qobuz.

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Audio und Stereoplay Leserwahl 2017

We are very pleased to have achieved a total of 8 first places, with the DAC 8 DSD, the MP 1000 E, the PA 1000 E, the MP 2000 R MK II and the R 1000 E, in the reader selection of the german magazines Stereoplay and Audio.

Hi-Res Audio with Qobuz

A new firmware version is available with immediate effect for the following devices: MP 2000 R MKII, MP 1000 E and R 1000 E. It can be installed as a web update.

This update now provides access to Qobuz lossless music streaming and download services. Qobuz offers the largest High-Res 24-bit music catalogue with more than 60,000 albums, as well as 30 million tracks in CD quality. More information about Qobuz is available at T+A customers can benefit from a 30 day free trial of Qobuz HIFI (worth EUR 19,99) by going to

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PA 3100 HV – New Integrated amplifier of the HV-series

The new PA 3100 HV is based on the outstanding PA 3000 HV integrated amplifier, and most of its sub-assemblies are identical. The immediately obvious difference is in the front panel, which houses a pair of VU meters displaying the actual output per channel on a logarithmic scale. A further development is the redesigned analogue mains section and power supply, which is similar to that of the A 3000 HV. This makes it possible to con-nect the supplementary PS 3000 HV Power Supply in order to gain a further increase in stability, quality and performance of the power supply system as a whole. We also succeeded in improving sound quality by revising the pre-amplifier sections.

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