The new Caruso

The name Caruso is now a byword for compact all-in-one systems, as the system offers impressive features and sound quality despite its compact size. Since its introduction back in 2008 the Caruso has become synonymous with devices which are modern without paying lip-service to every trend, which prioritise substance over showy effects, and which quite simply celebrate musical enjoyment.

The new Caruso is of all-aluminium construction; a material whose strength and durability make it ideal even for space travel applications.

This design principle guarantees that the device will be your companion for many years, rather than just a short-term fashion accessory. T+A has more than forty years of experience in the audio field, and we have exploited this to create a device with a small footprint which still provides outstandingly good sound. This simply means that audiophile sound is no longer the preserve of large systems in large rooms.

The new Caruso will be available Summer 2020.

Technische Highlights


All-In-One Music System

200 Watt Dauerleistung, 300 Watt Impulsleistung
2-Kanal Stereo Aktivkonzept
7 Hochleistungslautsprecher
Analog, Digital, USB, LAN, WLAN
Pre Out, Sub Out, Kopfhörer
Tidal, Deezer, Amazon Music, qobuz, Spotify Connect
Multi Format CD Text
FM, DAB+, Internet Radio
Bi-direktional sink + source
Gracenote Music ID Services
Airplay 2
Amazon Alexa

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